Alex Jeffreys – Inner Circle Farewell Offer

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Alex Jeffreys – Inner Circle Farewell Offer


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As you may already know, for the past 5 years I’ve been teaching arguably the most successful coaching program in the entire internet marketing niche.

To date, over 15,000 eager students have applied for acceptance into this program and we get 400+ applications a month, every month.


Because, pound for pound, this training has created more success stories than any other program in internet marketing history.

And I’ve loved every minute of teaching it!

Here’s Why My ‘Inner Circle’ Step By Step Training Is The LAST Program You’ll Ever Need…

Inside my Inner Circle training I’ve fully deconstructed my business building blueprint and delivered it inside 7 modules of powerful, easy to follow step by step training.

Each module is made up of several lessons containing over 6 hours of content to make sure I’ve got you covered for every aspect of building your business.

Here are some very brief highlights of what I cover inside my Inner Circle training since there are far too many lessons in here to list them all…

Module #1 – The Foundation (The Inner Game of Building an Online Business)
If building your online business was as easy as following a simple set of instructions then everyone would be making a HUGE success right?

Module #2 – Finding a Profitable Idea(How to Dominate Your Niche Like A Boss!)
I see so many people online getting this step completely wrong… and it usually ends up costing them weeks, months, or even years of pain and misery of not making any sales.

Module #3 – How To Create a Super Product (How to Easily Create High Quality Products In A Fraction Of The Time)
In this module I share my closely guarded strategies on how to become a product creation powerhouse.

Module #4 – How To Write Words That Sell (How To Grab Your Target Audience By The Eyeballs And Get Them To Buy)
In this module I show you how to harness the extreme power of world-class copywriting secrets to make a ton more sales, and get your info products flying off the shelves.

Module #5 – Super Automation (How to Get Your Time Back and Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot)
In this module I take you through the exact steps of automating every aspect of your business, so you can free up your time while your business is making sales and running like a finely tuned machine in the background.

Module #6 – Turn on The Traffic Tap (How To Command Avalanches of Targeted Traffic To Your Business At Will)
This module is all about driving traffic… which is probably the most widely taught aspect of building an online business, yet so few people can really make it work.

Module #7 – Backend Secrets (How To Multiply Your Profits Many Times Over While Doing Less)
If you haven’t already heard, then let me tell you that the backend of your business is where the real money is made – it’s where the magic happens!

I’m sure you’ll agree there simply isn’t another program on the planet that comes close to revealing the online business building secrets contained inside my Inner Circle training.

This step by step training is truly the result of my lessons learnt after:

1. Spending 10+ long years slogging away in the marketing trenches…

2. Teaching hundreds of thousands of students from over 56 countries around the world…

3. Travelling to all corners of the earth to learn the secrets of the biggest marketing superstars in this industry…

…and painstakingly boiling everything down into a repeatable blueprint so you can skip past the expensive and frustrating learning curve, and start getting results like my students in the examples above.


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