Asana Training Masterclass

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Asana Training Masterclass
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Asana Training Masterclass

Asana Training Masterclass

Price: $497

Everything you need to know about project management with Asana®

Ready to go beyond the basics of the Asana Academy? Experience the definitive guide used by Fortune 500 companies & organizations around the world.

With the Asana Training Masterclass, you can go at your own pace to learn:

  • The best ways to track work using Asana
  • The painful, frustrating setup mistakes to avoid
  • The secrets Asana, Inc. is afraid to tell you, like how to make the most of the free version of Asana or the 3rd-party extensions that do what Asana can’t
  • How to deploy Asana…and actually have people use it daily
  • Advanced tactics & best practices to boost your team’s productivity
  • So much more—in fact, you’ll have access to EVERYTHING I’ve learned as the leading independent Asana consultant!

It’s just not realistic to give a team a new project management solution and expect them to “figure it out.” It’s setting them up for days of wasted time, disappointment, and failure.

I’ve taught organizations how to deploy and use Asana since 2013, working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to 5-person startups. I routinely fly all over the US doing training seminars on project management with Asana.

Companies typically pay thousands of dollars for access to this training customized for their businesses, but you can get the same material in this easy-to-follow, comprehensive course.

You could spend weeks combing through forums, watching random YouTube videos, and reading outdated blog posts searching for help. Or you can join the thousands who have signed up for these lessons crammed full of step-by-step tactics and actionable insights.

This is what I’ve learned not only as one of Asana’s earliest users, but having taught Asana to marketing agencies, universities, manufacturers, and more. This isn’t academic instruction—it’s the tried and tested information every team needs to improve collaboration and increase transparency.

Course contents

Over 8 hours of full HD video and over 60 lessons of step-by-step guidance to fully integrate Asana into your team(s)

Modules Status 1
Introduction & purpose

Course overview & instructor introduction
Achieve Clarity with Asana
Hopes & fears [Discussion]
GTD® & General task management basics

2 Asana Essentials

Introduction to Asana
Joining Asana
Interface overview
Section headings
Creating tasks
Task comments
Due dates
My Tasks
Likes (Formerly Hearts)

3 Becoming an Asana ninja

Keyboard shortcuts
Boards vs. Lists
Custom Fields
Assigning a task to multiple people
Comment-only project permissions
Search reports
CSV Import
Web forms
Recommended Asana settings
Create an Asana desktop app for macOS
Asana Training Masterclass feedback

4 Applications & use cases

Event planning
Office shopping list
Editorial calendar
CRM & Sales pipeline
Areas of responsibility
Applicant tracking
Shared client projects
Employee onboarding
Bug tracking
Scrum framework

5 Managers & executives (PLUS & LIFETIME)

Asana Free vs. Premium
Define Asana conventions [Discussion]
Tips for Deploying Asana
Six search reports every manager needs
Managing direct reports
Strategic Planning & OKRs

6 Integrations & extensions (PLUS & LIFETIME)

Harvest (Time-Tracking) & Forecast (Team capacity planning)
Asana2Go Chrome Extension: Reporting & Data Export
Bridge24: Reporting & Data Export

  • A comprehensive walkthrough of Asana so everyone knows how to get started right away
  • · An “Asana Essentials” mini-course for new hires to go from 0–60 in Asana in less than a day
  • · An overview of different applications of how Asana can be utilized (lead capture, meeting agenda tool, editorial calendar, reporting tool for managers, etc.)
  • · Explanation of some key integrations with 3rd-party tools
  • A manager/executive sectionto discuss company conventions and tips for deploying Asana successfully

Six insight-packed modules

Module 1

Task management 101

Discusses task management principles to provide a shared framework with which to discuss future issues and planning

Module 2

Asana essentials

This mini-course covers the basics and is perfect to get employees on-boarded and proficient with Asana in less than a day

Module 3

Becoming an Asana ninja

Examines advanced concepts such as search reports, templates, dependencies, calendar integrations, and custom fields

Module 4

Applications & use cases

Study real-life applications like editorial calendars, bug-tracking, running meetings, event planning, or employee on-boarding

Module 5 (PLUS & LIFETIME)

Managers & executives

Learn concepts specific to leaders—like establishing company Asana conventions—that will help you deploy Asana successfully

Module 6 (PLUS & LIFETIME)

Integrations & enhancements

Determine how integrations and 3rd-party tools can expand Asana’s capabilities and serve as a hub for many business functions

Over $750 of special upgrade bonuses!

Manager & Executive Content

Access content specific to leaders—like a bonus slide deck for establishing company conventions—that will help you deploy Asana successfully.

Free License for Sendana

PLUS & LIFETIME memberships can request a FREE license to Sendana, a Microsoft Outlook® add-in for Windows® (a $24.95 value).

1 Hour of Consulting

Receive one hour of consulting free with each new LIFETIME membership to audit your Asana workspace or answer your questions.



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