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The Evil Traffic Magician is a curious name for an Internet Marketing product. However, its publisher, Ben Adkins, claims it can do a lot of good by changing the life of the struggling Internet Marketer who puts its methods into use. Ben claims The Evil Traffic Magician is a compilation of his many lessons/skills on how to drive targeted traffic, which he acquired from some of the best internet marketers from across the United States.

He says he’s willing to hand you the complete vault of his unique traffic-driving methods, which took him more than four years to gather and perfect from various, seasoned internet marketers in whose company he’s been privileged to be and learn. He says, apart from the very proficient ways to drive free and paid traffic, he’ll also let you in on the special, insider-only, traffic-driving techniques, which are usually jealously guarded by the savvy few.

Compilation of traffic-driving methods

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The Evil Traffic Magician is in four parts. Its author calls the four parts (1) “The Evil Audience Research,” (2) “Evil Free Traffic Tricks,” (3) “Evil Paid Traffic Tricks” and (4) “Celebrity Traffic Tricks.” Then, he promises to hand you bonuses when you buy. He named the first bonus “Evil Copy Magician”, called the second bonus “Celebrity Traffic Tricks Upgrade” and the third is access into his private mastermind group within the first 24 hours of your purchase, where he claims you’ll have access to real help.

He claims that part one is going to show you how to get inside the heads of your customers or potential customers in any given niche. He claims this will help you understand their needs, provide you with the right words to communicate with them and enable you to present them with the offers that align with their needs.

He says part two will teach you how to not only take advantage of free traffic-driving techniques, but also have an almost accurate estimate of how much sales you’ll make in a month, using those techniques.

He promises to show you out-of-the-box paid traffic methods that nobody else is teaching, to scale your earnings multiple times larger by investing just a small amount of your previous earnings for big results

In part four, he promises to share all the traffic-driving methods he’d learned from his Internet Marketing, celebrity friends whom he asked to contribute their best traffic-driving methods to his product, The Evil Traffic Magician.

As part of his first bonus, he promises you a copywriting training in which he’ll expose a powerful formula that he says is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. He says his copywriting training will enable you to write sales-sucking copies for any niche.

In his second bonus, he promises to delve deeper into traffic-driving secrets used and taught by some of the most popular Internet Marketing celebrities like Chris Record, Shane Hunter, Stephen Renton, Bill McIntosh, Nehal Kazim, Derek Pierce, Ross Carrel etc. Finally, as part of his third bonus, he promises you a rich experience within the mastermind community where you’ll get real mentorship.

Am I an affiliate of the Evil Traffic Magician?

Today, I’m not having a typical review-writing experience. Why did I say that? I’ll tell you in a moment. You see, I’ve written a number of reviews on Internet Marketing products (that’s what I do), and most of the products I’ve reviewed turned out to be well-packaged crap with no provision for your satisfaction and value for your money as an end user, unfortunately. Therefore, I’m almost never an affiliate of the products I review.

But, The Evil Traffic Magician, as weird as that name sounds, is a totally different experience and story. This is one of the few Internet Marketing products, with so much value packed into them, that they make me recline with a smile and think, “So, all hope of finding useful Internet Marketing products isn’t lost, after all, and not every Internet Marketing product launcher’s a thieving guru.”

These people have duped me in the past. Therefore, it gives me a sense of fulfillment to find such products to direct my readers to. I feel obliged to protect honest folks like you, who’re looking to make money online, from losing their hard-earned money to undeserving fraudsters who hastily put pieces of crap together, which they do everything, in their powers, to foist on you in the name of Internet Marketing products.

I’ve been a recurrent victim of these people and decided to get back at them by depriving them of their potential victims, through my 100% honest reviews, while I point you, my reader, to beneficial alternatives that could make a positive difference in your life. Therefore, I’d have been a proud affiliate of this product, but for the fact that it’s no longer on sale, for the time being, I’ll just direct you to a high-quality, 100% FREE Internet Marketing training. Click on the button below for instant access.

The Evil Traffic Magician Featured Image

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The Review in Brief

This product, as I hinted, is packed to the brim with high-quality, out of the box, advanced Internet Marketing information, especially bearing on driving traffic to your offers and building a long-term, income-generating email list. It’s got great potential to make newbies and advanced Internet Marketers tons of money. But, you’re probably not a good fit for it on account of certain factors, which I’ll cover as I proceed with the review.

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The Members’ Area

Within the members’ area, you’ll find a welcome video, which the vendor requires you to watch. Above the video, you’ll find a tab labeled “content,” which leads to the training videos. Within the content webpage, you’ll find the training videos in sections.

Welcom video and tabs

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Videos in sections

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Section 1 | How to Build an Online Empire

In a video within the first section titled How to Build an Empire, Ben Adkins walks his audience through the basic elements of building a business empire online. He highlights the need for a product, the need for good salesmanship (through a sales copy), the need for traffic and the need to scale business returns, all of which will result in increased revenue when done appropriately.

How to build an empire

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The four elements to build a business empire

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Section 2 | Evil Audience Research

The first video in section 2, which is called The Core Creation Formula, is about knowing your audience. Ben Adkins speaks elaborately on how to figure out the characteristics of your audience, which, in turn, will help you determine how to categorize them and offer them products that’ll resonate with their needs and result in sales for you.

Core creation formula

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In the second video of section 2, named The Audience Insight Trick, Ben Adkins uses Google and Facebook to, practically, demonstrate what he theoretically presented to his audience in the first video on classifying subscribers according to their characteristics and presenting them with products that meet their demands, which will attract financial rewards when sales are made.

In the third video of section 2,  called The SimilarWeb Trick,  he continues to demonstrate how to go about audience research, using to fetch information on what kinds of audience to go for when promoting a product that meets a specific need.

Within the fourth video of section 2, which he called The BuzzSumo Trick, he continues his demonstration of audience research, using to power his investigations on audience characteristics in order to determine what class of people he should be presenting what products to. This is key, as every experienced marketer will agree, because placing the right products before the wrong audience is the shortest cut to failure in Internet Marketing.

He shows his audience how to find and use images that have already gone viral (in ways that don’t hurt copyright laws) to attract people who show an interest in what the image is about, which, in turn, gives the marketer an insight into the minds of their target audience.

Section 3 | Evil Copy Magician

In the first video of this section, Ben Adkins brings his associate on board to take their audience on a sales copywriting training. This training, which is in 10 parts, goes from the foundation to the advanced methods of writing a great sales copy, which newbies and advanced marketers alike can very much benefit from.

From videos two to 10 of this section, the presenter painstakingly demonstrates to internet marketers how to take advantage of the psychological tendencies and emotions of their target audience to grab their attention and offer them a much-needed help or solution, which ultimately ends in sales for the marketer. This training on writing a sales copy is one of the most comprehensive and beneficial ones I’ve ever come across.

Everything, from getting information about the prospect to creating a customer avatar for greater insight into the customer’s psychology was covered in details. This helps the marketer figure out the customer’s most painful experience or their strongest desires and addresses them, which elevates the internet marketer to a messiah status in the opinion of the satisfied customer and, in turn, yields financial benefits for the internet marketer over a long stretch of time.

Evil copy magician

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Evil copy magician 1

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6 copywriting steps

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The goals

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Section 4 | Evil Free Traffic Tricks

This is mostly made up of a recorded video webinar in which Ben Adkins teaches his audience how to drive quality, free traffic to relevant offers by leveraging affiliates with whom the internet marketer/product launcher has to first build a lasting business relationship in order to build a long term income stream in any given niche.

According to him, affiliates are the most effective and reliable sources of high quality, free traffic. He therefore, claims that the ability to amass a very passionate and unusually loyal tribe of affiliates is what separates the men from the boys in Internet Marketing.

He emphasizes the importance of getting affiliates who share common interests and passions with the product launcher, as against affiliates who probably don’t share common grounds with the publisher but have a huge list of subscribers.

The point is that 10 affiliates who’re passionate and interested in the same things as the product launcher will do far more good, in the short and long terms, than 100 affiliates who’re not, but are probably there to make quick money.

The reason is that the passionate affiliates will do a far more thorough job at promoting the product by using approaches that resonate with the needs of their tribe more effectively, which gets them (the followers) to buy, than affiliates who lack the required drive.

In the recorded webinar, he went ahead to state how to sieve through a large army of affiliates to gather the best of the best who resonate with the passions of the product launcher, using social media platforms such as Facebook etc.

In his video within section 4, he shows his audience how they can use Facebook to find frontline marketers in any niche and leverage the timelines of such Internet Marketing authorities to drive traffic to their own offers, with potential for conversions through their own Facebook timelines, without spamming. The concept is simple and legit.

Free traffic tricks

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He goes ahead to share how to leverage other successful marketers’ blogs to drive targeted traffic to your offers through comments, without spamming. You’ll be amazed how this works. He painstakingly explained it all in the members’ area of his training.

Ben Adkins proved that forums could be great for driving targeted traffic to offers when approached correctly. He demonstrated how to combine Google and the Warrior Forum to send passionate subscribers, who’re eager to pay for the solutions they’re looking for, to the right products.


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Ben Adkins features a recorded video webinar to demonstrate how to use Facebook, the right way, to achieve the sales goals and grow the income of any internet marketer who applies his methods.

In the video titled The 5 Part Email Sequence, Ben Adkins throws light on the 5 parts of an ideal email sequence, which he identifies as (1) The Setup, (2) The Opening, (3) The “Results So Far,” (4) The Gap and (5) The Close. Within “The Setup” he further identifies three elements, which are (1) The Problem, (2) The Solution and (3) The Benefit from Being There When We Open.

The 5 Part Email Sequence

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Within the setup

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We're live

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The wow or people are going nuts

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Within “The Opening,” he pointed out an item he labeled “We’re Live.” In the “Results So Far,” he identifies an element he labeled “The “Wow” or “People are going nuts.”” Within “The Gap,” he names an element labeled “No Email or A Subtle Reminder (light hearted).” Within the last item, “The Close,” he identifies three elements, namely “12 Hours,” ”6 Hours” and “3 Hours.”


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He explains these adequately well in the training area, demonstrating how they all smoothly flow through the subtle process of motivating the members of the internet marketer’s tribe to readily part ways with their money for the products put before them.

Within the video in lesson 8, Ben Adkins teaches an email marketing method he titled The Trust Trojan Horse. Under that title, he points out three elements namely “Problem and Easily Testable Solution,” “Amplification + Problem” and “The “End All Solution” Reveal.” He cleverly pieces them together in a way that would win the confidence of the customer and cause them to buy gladly.

Trust trojan horse

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Section 5 | Evil Paid Traffic Tricks

The first video lesson of this section is an overview of the entire 7-part section.

The second video lesson titled “The Faux Friend Ad Trick” is about legitimately tricking people, who’re interested in the products your niche is offering, into finding you through a Facebook profile that’s put up for that sole purpose, such that you don’t go looking for them, they come looking for you. Ben, shows his audience how to do this in the video training.

Faux friend ad trick

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The third video lesson, which is titled “The 5 Dollar Alien Trick” is about getting paid traffic on, a social site that gets about two million unique traffic hits per month.

Ben shows his audience how to take advantage of sub-Reddits, which are like specialized forums in various Internet Marketing niches within, and combine them with, from which a freelancer could be hired and paid to subtly and effectively draw targeted traffic to his offers and generate sales for only $5, following his little-known tactic.


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Reddit 1

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In the video of lesson four titled “The Celebrity Endorsement Trick,” Ben elaborately reveals something a lot of his audience will find incredible. He demonstrates how to get celebrities to endorse the products they’re promoting through a website called for a few bucks.

Celebrity endorsement

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Now, we all know what the outcome of a celebrity endorsement would be. It’s the exact same outcome that motivates TVs, magazines etc. to feature celebrities in their ads and campaigns. Talking about campaigns, something else comes to mind.

Even politicians use the endorsement of celebrities in their political campaigns to try to win the votes of the people. We saw it during the last US presidential elections (one of the most prominent, recent instances), didn’t we?

In the fifth video lesson titled The FB Ad Robot Trick, he goes on to reveal how to use the power of Facebook to achieve a sales killing, using a time-saving, sales info-grabbing software for next to no $$. He walks his audience through each step of the process.

Facebook bot

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In the sixth video lesson titled Banner of Bust Trick, he shows his audience how to get 1,000 impressions for two bucks, and how to set up a banner ad for testing the traffic and tweaking to get maximal results.

In the seventh video lesson titled The Ad Spy and Copy Trick, Ben goes ahead to show his audience how to use a number of resources including “,” which is a web app that spies for marketing information.

He uses with  to demonstrate how to spy on and take advantage of competitors’ marketing information such as the competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search, which gives the competing internet marketer (you) a good head start in the competition. You can’t begin to imagine the power of this little-known, 100% legit tactic to increase your laser-targeted traffic influx and make you money.

Spy 1

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Spy 2

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Bonus | Evil Tricks Section

In the first video lesson of the bonus evil tricks sections, Ben Adkins invites his Internet Marketing celebrity friends to show his audience some very highly effective, traffic-driving tricks.

The second video lesson was The Viral Traffic Shakeup Trick by Wilco De Creij, the first of Ben’s invited friends to do a presentation. In this lesson, the presenter, Wilco, shows his audience how to get highly targeted viral visitors to their offers without depending on any particular platform.

With his technique, he turned 416 visitors from a tiny Facebook ad into 90,000 free, targeted visitors. He says, with his methods, over 8,500 highly targeted subscribers were collected in a highly competitive and expensive niche.

Furthermore, some of his students have collected over 100,000 laser-targeted email subscribers in 30 days, using this method. After the presentation, Ben goes on to introduce a paid tool called Upviral.

Upviral 1

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Upviral was built by his friend, Wilco, to drive viral traffic by automatically carrying out the trick he (Wilco) demonstrated in his presentation. From what I saw demonstrated by Wilco, that tool would be worth its price if it does exactly what Wilco says it was developed to do. I haven’t bought it yet. So, I can’t vouch for it 100%.

In the third video lesson titled “The Google Images Traffic Trick,” Debbie Drum, another one of Ben Adkins’ friends, shows her audience how to get rankings for images on Google. She started by telling her audience how she’s able to get rankings on Google for images in as little as three days. She added that many internet marketers out there are ignoring this very powerful free traffic source that Google just hands to them.

Google images

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Debbie did an awesome job at showing her audience how to drive free, targeted traffic by ranking on Google for images. She breaks her presentation down into two major parts namely The Power Behind Google Image Search and Five Steps / Rules to Rank Your Images.

Google image traffic trick

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Click on the button below to find out what those five steps/rules to rank your images and drive free, targeted traffic to your offers are.

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The fourth video lesson titled FB Funnel Power Trick by Ron Douglas, another of Ben’s friends who happens to be a New York Times bestseller, is about how to grow a laser-targeted list, using Facebook for little or nothing. He walks his audience through the entire process in details.

FB funnel power trick

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The fifth video lesson titled The E-com Adtarget Lock-in Trick by Matt Schmitt is about marketing on Facebook effectively. He shows his audience how to get Facebook advertising for almost free.

The sixth video lesson titled The Instagram Traffic Trick by Bill Guthrie teaches trainees how to use Instagram to send subscribers to squeeze pages, sales pages, blogs, ecommerce store etc., which could result in multiple sales and rake in profits.


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The seventh video lesson titled The FB Ad 21 Trick by Nehal Kazim, reveals 21 different ways to do Facebook optimization to generate more traffic, more leads and more sales. Nehal points out the reason for the failure of marketers’ Facebook campaigns. He shows his audience what to test first in diagnosing the hiccups of their Facebook campaigns and the 21 optimization tests to carry out in the next 90 days to get the best out of Facebook marketing.

FB funnel power trick

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Nehal identified 5 friction points that could lead to Facebook campaign failure. Each of the five friction points also have sub elements, which he covered extensively in his training video.


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The eighth video lesson titled The Twitter Bomb Trick by Seth Bias uncovers how Seth was able to get 35,000 followers in less than two months, all available to send product promotions to. He does a detailed presentation, walking his audience through the whole process in a step-by-step manner.

Twitter bomb trick

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There is no ninth video lesson yet. According to the lettering found where that video should have been, the ninth lesson will be “Coming, Friday, November 13.”

No lesson 9

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The space for the 10th video lesson has the same message as the ninth.

The 11th video is also not available, and will be on November 20.

No lesson 11

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The 12th video is not available, and will be on the 20th day of November.

The 13th, 14th and 15th videos, like the previous few, are also not available, and will be on November 27.

Bonus Call | How to Get 1000 Target Clicks per Day

As the heading implies, this lesson is all about how to get 1000 clicks from targeted, ready-to-buy visitors. Ben Adkins walks his students through the processes.

In the second part of the bonus call, Ben delves a bit deeper into affiliate marketing best practices, some of which even advanced internet marketers are falling short of.

What I Dislike About This Product

The product will be a turnoff for some folks as its name contains the word “evil,” which occurs throughout the entire training. I wonder why something so good had to be associated with evil.

Entry-level newbies will benefit from it only if they can fill in some of the blanks such as how to pick a niche, find products to promote as affiliates, buy a domain name, do web hosting etc., as this product doesn’t cover much of that, understandably because it’s a dedicated, traffic-driving training.

All the missing training videos, earlier mentioned in the bonus area, suck.

Some vital downloads weren’t available. The screenshot below is just one example of many.

No downloads

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Final Rating A-

This product will very easily make you money no matter what level of Internet Marketer you are. It covers such a broad scope of Internet Marketing subjects that you can’t help but benefit from its rich collection of useful information, one way or another.

However, you’d be a misfit for this product and probably won’t make any money with it if the following apply to you: (1) you lack the patience to persevere and wait till you see results, (2) you believe in succeeding without the willingness to put in a decent amount of effort, (3) you’re a total upper limb amputee (lost both your arms or hands), (4) you lost your sight etc. Other than circumstances involving such extreme misfortunes, you can make money with this, with some effort and patience on your part.

What Do You Think?

Have you bought The Evil Traffic Magician? Please tell the community your experience with this product, below. If you’re looking to buy, I’d say it’s a no brainer. Jump right in and start the training. Okay, so, it’s not an Internet Marketing product of the Illuminati. It’s just a great product with a goofy name to draw attention.

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