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Bryan Harris – Get 10,000 Subscribers

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That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step system to solve all of these problems.
Get 10,000 Subscribers isn’t just a course. It’s a master class and coaching system designed to take you by the hand and teach you the principles and strategies needed to build a powerful and profitable email list.
…and to provide the coaching and support system you crave.

Easy to follow lessons? Check,
Supportive Facebook community? Check.
Built-in accountability? Check.
Unlimited consulting with Bryan? Check.
This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step lessons that allow you to walk through each of the four phases of list building.
Each lesson will leave you with an easy-to-follow acton item and schedule so you can methodically implement what you’ve learned.
No guesswork.
No reverse engineering.
No more blog posts or podcasts.
Just follow the plan.
What will you learn in the course?

This course covers three primary topics:
How do I get my first 10,000 subscribers?

As I grew my email list, I documented every step of the process so I could teach you how to do the same thing.
We’ll start at the beginning and lay the foundation for growing a healthy and profitable list.

You’ll learn the 4 most important pages on your site and how to optimize them.
You’ll learn how to quickly triple the number of visitors who sign up for your email list.
You’ll learn the one technique I used to add more than 2,000 email subscribers to my list in 10 days.
In the Get 10,000 Subscribers course I’m going to cover 18 different strategies for building your email list. Every strategy will be meticulously broken down so you can easily follow along and implement it in your business.

What technology should I use to build my list?
One of the biggest problems I ran into early on was knowing what software to use to collect and manage email addresses.

What pop-up software should I use?
What landing page software should I use?
Should I use MailChimp or AWeber?

What about Infusionsoft?
There are so many options. It can be completely overwhelming. I spent nearly 3 months just trying to pick an email provider. What a PAIN! With this course you can avoid all of that.
I’m going to give you an easy-to-follow blueprint to set up your internal systems to manage your list. No guesswork. No spending months to pick an email provider. You will see my exact set-up and what I suggest you use at each stage of your growth.

How do I make money from my list?

“How do I make money from my email list?“
This is where it gets really fun.

You will learn the exact launch plan I used to launch my latest product that generated $10,000 in less than 24 hours.
You will learn WHEN you should start thinking about monetizing your list (and how to do it).
You will learn how to pick the perfect product idea and then how to validate it and sell it to your email list.
You’ll learn how to prime your list for a launch to make sure your product doesn’t fall flat on its face.

The strategies you’ll learn have generated over $150,000 in sales in my first year online.
They will show you how to launch a lucrative coaching program, course, software application or any digital product all through your email list.
Course details: Here is what you will get:

Module 1: Laying the Foundation
Quick orientation of the course and what to expect
Meticulous step-by-step instructions for every strategy you learn
10-month accountability schedule to help you properly prioritize and schedule each strategy
You will learn how to build a list even if you don’t know what you’ll sell (or the exact topic you want to cover)
You will learn how to get your 1st email subscriber (in less than 10 minutes).
You will learn the correct way to setup your email service provider (and how NOT to get in legal trouble).
You will learn how to create your first email collection form.
You will learn how to make it extremely easy for anyone who comes to your website to sign up for your list.
How to craft a compelling call to action that uses proven psychological triggers (no matter your industry)
The objective of this module is simple: To get your first subscriber and set up your internal system to handle the growth to come.

Module 2: Your first 100 subscribers
You will learn the type of subscribers you DON’T want on your list (and how to avoid them).
You will learn how to turn every subscriber you get into a referral source. (This is a critical strategy to use to rapidly grow your list in the early stages.)
How NOT to write content to attract subscribers (and what to do instead)
How to double the conversion rate of the most important page on your website
One simple thing you can do to turn every email you send into a salesperson for your list. (This generates 100 new subscribers per month for me.)
You’ll get a free copy of a brand-new custom landing page that converts more than 20% of all visitors.
You’ll learn how to use your call to action from Module 1, combined with a compelling Pilot Story, to create irresistible copy for any page on your website.
You will get a behind-the-scenes look at my passive list-building system that collects 75 new subscribers per day (and I’ll show you how to set up your own).
How to use your existing friends and family to help you jump-start your list
The objective of this module: Grow your list to 100 subscribers in less than 7 days.

Module 3: From 100 to 1,000 subscribers
Four repeatable strategies you can use to grow your list to 1,000 subscribers
You will learn how to find out EXISTING products that your target subscriber covets (and how to use that knowledge to get them to join your list).
You’ll get behind-the-scenes data on my first marketing giveaway.
You’ll have access to a case study of how one client used giveaways to grow their list from 100 to 1,300 subscribers in under 30 days.
I’ll walk you through each step of setting up and running your own giveaway.
You will learn my exact system for creating bonus content that accompanies blog posts and how I’ve generated over 5,000 email subscribers from this strategy.
I’ll help you create your first content upgrade, give you feedback on it and then show you how to install it into your blog post.
You’ll learn the detailed framework I use to write blog posts that generate over 200 new email subscribers every time I press publish
You’ll learn how to craft compelling introductions and conclusions that practically force your reader to take the action you desire (either buy your product or join your email list).
You’ll learn the two-part Paul Revere formula for generating 1,000s of visitors to anything you want (your landing page, blog post or sales page).
The objective of this module: To grow your list from 100 to 1,000 subscribers in less than 60 days.

Module 4: Scaling to 10,000 subscribers
The #1 mistake that everyone overlooks when scaling their list (and how to avoid it)
You’ll learn how to use Steve the Magic List-Building Genie to team up with the top 10 influencers in your field (and get them to vouch for you).
You’ll see my exact guest-posting system.
I’ll walk you through writing, pitching and submitting your very first guest post.
You’ll learn how to format your guest posts so that you can generate 100+ new subscribers from each one.
You’ll get full access to my archive of freelance bartering pitches (and learn how I’ve used them to get access to 100,000+ new readers).
I’ll teach you how to use the freelance barter technique to forge relationships and joint venture opportunities with major influencers in your field.
You’ll learn three advanced on-site optimization techniques (that I’ve never seen talked about anywhere else).
The objective of this module: To grow your list from 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers in less than 10 months.

Bonus 1: Unlimited Consulting (with Bryan)
When you sign up you will have direct access to me.
For 6 months after your purchase, you will have direct email access to ask any questions you want.
Need a personalized tip on a guest posting target? Ask me.
Need help fine-tuning the intro to your blog post? Ask me.
Need a hand pitching your first freelance barter? Ask me.
I’ll personally help you and coach you.
This type of direct access has always been reserved for my $500 per hour coaching clients. Not anymore.

Bonus 2: 15-Minute Strategy Call (via Skype)
Within the first 30 days of you purchasing the course, we’ll set up a 15-minute strategy call, where I’ll help you get acclimated, answer any questions you have and make sure you are set up to grow your list.
These calls will be conducted via Skype.

Bonus 3: Monetize Your List (Live Workshop)
When you are ready to start making money from your list, you’ll need a plan.
This workshop is your plan.
It will show you the ins and outs of picking out your first product, validating that the product is what you audience wants and then launching that product to your list.
I’ll share my exact email scripts, templates and behind the scenes data from the launch of my latest product.
You’ll leave with the exact blueprint you need to follow in order to turn your subscribers into stable and reliable income.
This workshop will be conducted live in June 2015 and be made available to you so you can review and watch anytime.

Bonus 4: (4) Group Q&A Sessions
I am designing this course to have as many interaction points with me as possible.
So, in addition to the Unlimited Consulting and the 15-minute Strategy Call, you’ll also have access to me through a series of 4 LIVE Q&A sessions.
You can bring any questions you have to the call and have them answered by me. I’ll show you behind the scenes of my blog, share private revenue and opt-in numbers and help you grow your list.
All of these will be recorded and made available to you if you are unable to attend.
The first Q&A call will be in May 2015.

Bonus 5: (12) Advanced Training Modules
Every month I will invite one of my friends to the Get 10,000 Subscribers community to teach one advanced list-building strategy.
The first advanced training will be in May 2015.
The guests will include: John Lee Dumas, Noah Kagan, Andrew Warner, Brian Dean, Grant Baldwin, Greg Hickman and more.

Bonus 6: (12) List-Building Case Studies
Every month you will also be provided with one list-building case study from a Get 10,000 Subscribers member. These are people JUST LIKE YOU.
Not big internet celebrities with millions of pageviews.
But ordinary people like you who have had success growing their lists.
You’ll learn the exact strategy they used, the scripts and templates they implemented and the results they experienced.
These will be delivered via recorded Skype interviews.


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