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Dantalion Jones – Delta Success ProgrammingDantalion Jones – Delta Success Programming

With all the information on mind control, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) there is a fundamental question that needs to be answered: How can I apply that to myself to get what I want?

The answer really isn’t too darned complicated. You have to do something that works!

A lot of people think merely learning a new skill is enough to make a change. If that were true there would a world of healthy non-overweight people walking the streets ready to meet their ideal mate. Reality shows that just knowing what you have to do is not enough (You KNOW you should be pushing away that box of Twinkies and getting on that tread mill but do you?).

What we need in order to change and improve isn’t more information. For us to change we need an experience that changes us.

That is why i made the Delta Success Program.

Delta Success Program contains an explanation of why it works but more importantly it tells you what to do so that you can become unstoppably motivated to go after what you want.

This is NOT a CD of positive affirmations. Gawd forbid there are enough of those out there already. This is straight forward explanation and exercises of what it takes to become the person you want to be and unleash yourself onto the world like a hail storm.

What you will get from this CD – Part 1:

* You’ll find out how the human mind is programmed and that you can do it to anybody… especially yourself.
* You’ll immediately discover the one single mental skill that can turn you into a super learner.
* You will get real life practical exercises that will reveal the mind set that makes any form of change a source of inspiration.
* You’ll learn how to use your bodies physiology to powerfully effect your mental state. This will bring emotions completely under your control.
* You’ll learn a simple exercise that can instantly put all your emotional baggage behind you and propel you to do whatever it takes for your success.
* You’ll learn the single quality that can pull anyone from a state of depression toward an exciting and unstoppable future.
* You’ll learn how to keep that most optimum mental state no matter what happens. Yes, no matter what. Natural disasters, bad luck and stupid people will NEVER disrupt your mental state when you have this down.
* You’ll learn how to take these skills out into the world and use them BEFORE you are ready. That way they’ll be waiting for you at the right time.
* Learn the mental tools that will make yourself UNSTOPPABLE!
* An Awesome dual voice hypnosis process that will knock you on your backside and help instill all these tools as you relax and listen.

CD 2:

What are Lighthearted Social Experiments?

Lighthearted Social Experiments (LSE) are just that, experiments, things you do to find out what happens. There is no failure when you do them because you will always get valuable information. Lighthearted Social Experiments are done in the spirit of fun and done with people who don’t know what you’re doing.

The great part about LSEs is that no one can lose because it’s all in fun.

The benefits from these Lighthearted Social Experiments are new social skills a greater sense of confidence around people regardless of the setting and circumstance.

Think about it. One of the most common anxiety provoking situations is that of being around people and not know what to do or say. When you turn that situation into a lighthearted social experiment it completely turns around how everyone perceives the interaction. It becomes fun, engaging and thought provoking.

That is the skill you’ll learn in CD #2 of The Delta Success Program and you’ll agree it’s worth every penny.

What you will get from this CD – Part 2:

* You’ll learn how to get anyones interest and attention and you’ll learn to how to keep it.
* You’ll why confusion can be useful and how to create in anyone.
* You’ll learn the mental attitude that makes any social situation fun and makes people want to be around you.
* You discover how a sense of boldness naturally develops from repeated practice of these lighthearted social experiments.
* You’ll discover the simple process that causes others to feel as if they want to be around you.
* Like a snake closing in on it’s prey you’ll learn how to sneak your subject closer and closer within your personal space … they won’t even know it’s happening.
* You learn how to quiet that nagging voice in your head that is always worried if you’re “doing it right”. When this happens you don’t worry, you just go for it.
* You’ll learn how to take the uncomfortable state of confusion that others feel and instantly turn it to your advantage. You’ll even learn how to confuse them!
* You’ll learn how to lead people (even if you have no where to lead them).
* You’ll learn how to turn any social situation into an experiment that will always yield something useful..

CD 3:

This is the most advanced CD yet in the Delta Success Program series.

There are several reasons that this CD might demand your attention. The first is that it’s all about building an unstoppable sense of power.

This is a sense of power can be dangerous if it is not kept under control.

The second reason is that the hypnosis process that is an integral part of this CD is designed to ingrain within you a sense of power at an unconscious level.

It is also designed to train you to “go unconscious” on cue, at will. There is no other hypnosis training program that specifically teaches how to do this. That is why it is so advance to listen and practice from at least one of the previous Delta Programming CDs.

This Delta Programming CD is advanced enough that I include a warning. By listening to at least one of the previous Delta Programming CDs you will have a foundation to what “Creating Inner Resources” will give you.

You COULD listen to “Creating Inner Resource” as your only exposure to Delta Success Programming but it could create an unstoppable manic state may leave you powerful but aimless.

Here are some the points of interest you’ll learn in
The Delta Success Program CD #3:

* You’ll learn how to create an inner image of yourself that makes you move foreword.
* You’ll learn why HOW you speak to yourself to get motivated is as important as what you say.
* You’ll learn where habits come from and how to use that to create habits that work for you.
* You’ll learn to create what is called a Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic cycle that would make anyone jump out of their and go into action.
* You’ll learn how to “unlock” the unconscious mind to plant suggestions at it’s core. The result is a habit that propels you toward your goals.
* You’ll discover how to take immediate control over negative emotions and harness the hard to get positive feelings within you.

CD 4:

That’s what you’ll get in CD #4 of The Delta Success Program and you’ll agree it’s worth every penny.

* You’ll learn the three most important qualities of the super successful and how to build them in yourself.
* You’ll learn the secret that helps keep you so focused that success is just a matter of time.
* You’ll leran how to make so that nothing distracts or disturbs you. You are always focused on your goal.
* You’ll learn why some discomfort and pain is important to keep you driven and you find out how to creat just enough to keep you on track.
* You’ll learn how to create the maximum pleasure that will make you LOVE working toward and achieving your goals.
* Do you need motivation? You’ll learn the last ditch, sure fire way to get yourself into motion.
* Lastly, if this psychopathology is too much ( you were warned) you’ll have a hypnosis process that will help you undo anything unpleasant while holding on to the valuable stuff you’re learned .



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