Instagram Profits Playbook

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Instagram Profits Playbook
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Instagram Profits Playbook

Instagram Profits Playbook

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“UNLIMITED Instagram Traffic & Exposure: Get Hyper-Engaged Followers, Prospects, Customers & Sign-ups… without paid ads even if you’re brand new!”

…And WITHOUT having to spend countless hours creating content, learning complicated software, managing a blog, or having dead-end conversations on social media…

Learn The Low-Tech Way To Get LEVERAGED Traffic, Leads, and Sales On Instagram For FREE And…

  • Get Thousands Of Highly-Engaged Followers Every Month
  • Create Engaging Content That Attracts Customers And Prospects
  • Generate Leads And Get Sales WITHOUT Being Pitchy Or Spammy
  • Get Thousands Of Others To Promote YOUR Content For FREE

Learn Our Top-Secret Weapons For Putting Your Instagram Marketing On Automation

WHAT THIS INSTAGRAM PROFITS PLAYBOOK HAS TO OFFERDetails of exactly what we’re going to cover in every module

MODULE 1: Marketing Tactics Of The Pros – Basic Principles

Learn the psychology of what makes people want to buy and join, how to identify and target the best prospects for your business, and how to properly brand your business in a way that creates loyal customers that keep coming back over and over again.

MODULE 2: Instagram Quick Start – Setup and Navigation

Learn your options for downloading and using Instagram on your smartphone, your computer, and through a web browser. Learn the difference between a personal and business account, and get step-by-step instruction on how to set up your Instagram account in a way that will attract your ideal customers and prospects and turn them into red-hot, ready-to-buy leads.

MODULE 3: Engagement And Content Creation Basics

People only buy from and join those that they know, like, and trust. Learn exactly what to post and when to post it in order to build trust and rapport with your audience and keep them active, engaged, and coming back for more every single day.

PLUS, learn exactly how to handle direct messages from people trying to pitch and sell you on their products and opportunities, and turn them into YOUR lead and get them to check out YOUR offer!

MODULE 4: Content Creation – How To Stand Out And Look Great

Create great-looking content whether you’re at home on your computer or you’re on the go on your smartphone.

Watch as we reveal our 2 secret weapons for creating amazing content, and show you how to do the same in only minutes per day.

MODULE 5: Audience Growth 101 – Simple Strategies To Get Started

Discover the one thing you should NEVER do when building your audience, and learn two simple, easy, quick ways of building your audience that you can implement on day 1 without extra software or paying for ads.

MODULE 6: Advanced Audience Growth – Build A Massive Following

Learn how to grow your audience to 7,500 followers and beyond with these secret audience growth hacks, and learn the exact schedule you should be following every single day in order to get the maximum results from your efforts.

MODULE 7: Engaging Your Audience For Maximum Effect

Learn how to keep your audience coming back to you day after day through Instagram’s more advanced engagement tools…

Stories, Highlights, Instagram Live, and MORE!

Plus, learn a super-simple strategy to get thousands of others to promote YOUR content for FREE and get even MORE traffic, leads, and sales!

MODULE 8: Automation Basics – Get Followers And Leads 24/7

How do we take such a simple, easy, and effective strategy and make it even better? By automating it! Instagram is one of the very few places you can get traffic and leads on autopilot without paying for ads. Learn the tools we use to automate different parts of our Instagram marketing to build, engage, and sell in only minutes per week!

MODULE 9: Step-by-Step Automation Setup for Macs

For Mac users. Watch as we walk you through the entire automation process, setting by setting, step-by-step. We break it down for you so that even the most tech-illiterate person can automate different parts of their Instagram marketing and create massive leverage and scalability in their business!

MODULE 10: Step-by-Step Automation Setup For PCs

For PC users. Watch as we walk you through the entire automation process, setting by setting, step-by-step. We break it down for you so that even the most tech-illiterate person can automate different parts of their Instagram marketing and create massive leverage and scalability in their business!



30 Days of Content Ideas

We all know that action-takers get results, right? But have you ever gotten stuck in “study mode” and failed to take action?

Well, now you can do less thinking and more DOING by grabbing our list of content ideas for your first 30 days on Instagram.


The Sales Funnel Formula

The secret weapon of every 6, 7, and 8 figure earner online! How do you attract laser-targeted leads and get them to excitedly hand over their contact information to you? With a SALES FUNNEL, of course! Learn how to craft a professional sales funnel around your product, service, or opportunity and start generating leads, making sales, and getting sign-ups like a pro!


35 Sources For FREE Commercial-Use Images

One of the keys to a profitable business is avoiding legal troubles. That’s why you want to make sure you aren’t violating copyright laws when creating images for your Instagram posts. Most image sites make you pay to use their images, but we’ve got you covered with our exclusive list of high-quality image sites that are 100% FREE for commercial use!


5,313 Done-For-You Image Quotes

Want to start growing your audience and generating leads as FAST as possible? Get your Instagram feed rocking with this absolute goldmine of done-for-you, high-quality image quotes! With over 5,313 image quotes to choose from, you will never be left without fresh, new content to add to your Instagram feed every single day!


Instagram Profile Professional Makeover

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression! WOW your visitors and turn them into loyal followers when they see your profile by giving it a professional touch! Learn how to make simple changes to your Instagram profile to really make it POP and let people know you’re serious about what you do!


Private Facebook Group

Afraid of getting stuck? Think you’ll have questions? We’ve got you covered! Get access to our private Facebook Mastermind group for continued support. Share successes, help solve problems, ask questions, get help!

What You Get

  • Instagram Profits Playbook – 10 Modules – $2,870 Value
  • 11 Instagram Bonuses for Massive Results – $3,229 Value
  • Private Facebook Group – You are NOT Alone!
  • Get More Hyper-Engaged Instagram Followers
  • Turn Your New Insta Followers Into Sales & Sign-ups
  • No tech skills required – No paid ads required!




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