Iquim – Dr Paul Drouin – Biofeedback Pactitioner Training

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Iquim – Dr Paul Drouin – Biofeedback Pactitioner Training
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Iquim – Dr Paul Drouin – Biofeedback Pactitioner Training

Iquim – Dr Paul Drouin – Biofeedback Pactitioner Training

Price: $298

This is the fourth of a series of material from Quantum University.
They have to stay ABSOLUTELY here on TP as I paid for the training a big amount of money and I don’t want to risk anything if they are leaked outside. This is a personal gift to this community I love and I hope you will keep them here.
If you are interested I will go on uploading materials from Iquim

The Biofeedback Practitioner Training is an online video course that prepares you for the NTCB’s certification exam. IQ-101’s coursesite offers to all students 3h30 of Educational Online Videos, a Course Booklet, a Study Guide, and a Practice Exam. These educational materials are designed to prepare you for the NTCB’s Biofeedback Certification Exam.

Goal Statements:
– The student will review the definitions for biofeedback and the legal aspects involved.
– The student will better understand the conventional modalities of biofeedback and their clinical applications.
– The student will be introduced to Feedback Encephalography and techniques of relaxation.
– The student will be able to understand the correlation between conscious and unconscious biofeedback in an Integrative Model of Medicine.

Part 1:
– Certification & Education
– Definition of Biofeedback
– Biofeedback Training
– Stress & Legality
– What Causes Stress?
– The Right Language
– Beneficial Side Effects
– Negative Side Effects
– What Can I Legally Say?
– Contraindications for Biofeedback Training
– How to Protect Yourself?
– Confidentiality

Part 2:
– Biofeedback Training?
– Application
– Introduction to Temperature Biofeedback
– The Sympathetic Nervous System
– The Parasympathetic Nervous System
– The Spine
– Introduction to Temperature Biofeedback
– Training: Temperature Biofeedback
– Respiratory System & Diaphragmatic Breathing

Part 3:
– Introduction to EDR (GSR) Biofeedback
– Electro Dermal Response (EDR)
– Electrical Model of the Skin
– Conductance vs. Resistance
– Biofeedback Application: Cardio-Vascular System & Hypertension
– EMG Biofeedback
– EMG Biofeedback Training: Neuromuscular General
– Instrumentation Personal Training
– Relaxation Model: Preparation for Clinical Intervention
– Biofeedback Application: Biofeedback Relaxation
– Biofeedback & Distress
– Cardiovascular System

Part 4:
– Feedback Encephalography (EEG)
– Central Nervous System
– EEG & Trainee
– Application of EEG
– Instrumentation Personal Training
– Biofeedback & Relaxation
– Biofeedback Application: Biofeedback Relaxation
– Self Hypnosis
– Origins of Relaxation Training


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