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Dear Reader,

The Top 1% Advisory – is a first-of-its-kind release by Stansberry colleague James Altucher, a multimillionaire entrepreneur.

My name is Jared Kelly, by the way. I’m a Director at Stansberry Research.

Normally – the Top 1% Advisory costs $2,500 for one year. Demand for this new letter has skyrocketed since its release last month… and has caused a major ripple throughout our industry.

Of course, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch?”

Why would we put together a deal that gives you an additional full year of a brand-new research service, for free?

Well, we’ll explain the whole thing in this special offer…

In short – editor James Altucher is stepping forward for the first time in 20 years… and sharing a way for you to profit from the best ideas in the hedge fund and venture capital world, with an approach that’s helped him make over $10 million.

If you aren’t familiar with James, he’s one of the most sought-after investment minds in America. He’s appeared on CSNBC, MSNBC and Fox, and written for, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

But more importantly, he’s helped a lot of people get rich…

For example, he delivered a 121% total gain on a $33 million hedge fund he used to run. And back in 2008, he shared a list of his favorite stocks which, (as of last tally in August 2015), have resulted in 35 different 100+% gains…

  • 252% gain on Altria (MO)
  • 186% gain on American States Water (AWR)
  • 885% gain on Apple (AAPL)
  • 390% gain on Autoliv (ALV)
  • 172% gain on Barnes Group (B)
  • 344% gain on Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)
  • 786% gain on Cigna (CI)
  • 172% gain on Copart (CPRT)
  • 116% gain on Corrections Group of America (CXW)
  • 339% gain on Cynosure (CYNO)
  • 440% gain on Disney (DIS)
  • 120% gain on Eli Lilly (LLY)
  • 299% gain on Equifax (EFX)
  • 154% gain on Goldman Sachs (GS)
  • 307% gain on Google (GOOG)
  • 220% gain on Grainger (GWW)
  • 870% gain on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)
  • 491% gain on Herbalife (HLF)
  • 164% gain on Hershey (HSY)
  • 332% gain on Indexx Labs (IDXX)
  • 733%gain on Iridex (IRIX)
  • 199% gain on iRobot (IRBT)
  • 164% gain on Johnson Controls (JCI)
  • 159% gain on JM Smucker (SJM)
  • 727% gain on Las Vegas Sands (LVS)
  • 294% gain on Luxottica (LUX)
  • 207% gain on Markel (MKL)
  • 158% gain on Pentair (PNR)
  • 233% gain on ResMed (RMD)
  • 135% gain on Rocky Mountain Chocolate (RMCF)
  • 404% gain on Taser International (TASR)
  • 283% gain on Tiffany (TIF)
  • 225% gain on Universal Electronics (UEIC)
  • 323% gain on Vascular Solutions (VASC)
  • 272% gain on VMWare (VMW)

He’s met people like Jim Cramer… Dick Costolo (former CEO of Twitter)… spoken with astronaut Clayton Anderson… Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington… Tony Robbins… and the top venture capitalists on both coasts.

Bottom-line: He’s one of our most exciting new colleagues.

And that brings me to today’s offer…

In short: James is recommending what he considers one of the best ideas in the venture capital world right now.

It’s a way of playing a huge new trend that could make you multiple times your money in the coming months… from your kitchen table… without touching Silicon Valley.

To give you the full story, we’re sharing James Altucher’s full presentation about this opportunity… and why he’s sharing his approach for the first time ever.

Here’s James Altucher, with full details on the unique approach he’s sharing for the first time ever at Stansberry…

Hi. My name is James Altucher.

I don’t live in Silicon Valley…

And I don’t have a degree in business…

But back in 2006, I invested $2,000 into a startup… one of the tiniest in America. The company had zero revenue and I was the only employee.

Nine months later, I sold it for $10 million.

At a glance – you might think I just got lucky. But the incredible thing is, I’ve done this over and over again in my life… on some of the best ventures in America. And right now, for the first time, I’d like to share my secret with you.

Like how I made a 6,000% return investing in a social media startup called Buddy Media…

Or how I’m currently up 2,900% on a startup called Ticketfly.

I don’t consider myself a typical “venture capitalist”…

But I love venture investing – and it’s something I definitely have a knack for… putting money into the kind of breakthrough ideas and trends that sweep society, making early investors a fortune…

  • Take Uber, for example… the taxi service.

If you’d managed to get a $10,000 stake in this startup when it first began, it’d be worth over $45 million by now… 4,500 times your investment.

  • Or consider Airbnb… the online hotel service…

An early $10,000 stake in this startup would likely be worth around $70 million by now… 7,000 times your initial investment.

But here’s the thing…

These opportunities are typically off limits to regular investors.

For one thing – the government’s Rule 501 of Regulation D won’t even let you invest in startups unless you’re worth at least $1 million… or your income has been $200,000 or more for two years.

And for another thing, unless you know the right people, you’ll never hear about the best startups until it’s way too late.

Frankly, I don’t think that’s fair.

The government created this rule to supposedly “protect” individual investors… but the reality is, all it’s done is made sure that only Wall Street bankers and venture capitalists get the biggest gains.

That’s why over the past twenty years – I’ve developed my own unique way of making money in the investment world. You won’t find my approach in any textbook… on any websites… or discussed at any conferences.

But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been successful…

For example – I once made a private investment in a cloud computing firm… one of the hottest ideas in Silicon Valley at the time…

Normally, the only way to buy into a startup like this is if you happen to know the CEO… or you work there as a programmer.

But I got in from my kitchen table and I’m currently sitting on a 1,200% return.

Or consider this…

A few years ago, I bought a stake in a home business that sold rent-to-own laptops over the Internet…

At the time, the company had zero revenue and only 1 employee.

But I got in with a single investment… buying 5% of the company from my kitchen table. Today it brings in $300,000 a month.

When I tell people my secret approach to investing in these types of enterprises, they usually don’t believe me.

But for me personally, it’s created dozens of opportunities in my life. For example, I’ve been hired to run a $33 million hedge fund… a $125 million venture capital firm… I’ve sat on the board of a $600 million company… written for the Wall Street Journal… the Financial TimesYahoo Finance… and appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox.

Plus I’ve written fifteen books – including one that USA Today calls “one of the 12 best business books of all time.”

Along the way – I’ve been approached thousands of times by hedge funds… Wall Street bankers… entrepreneurs… you name it.

They all want to know the same thing:

How has a guy like me with no MBA… no formal investing education… and no office in Silicon Valley managed to make millions of dollars in some of the best opportunities of the past two decades?

Well, that’s why I’ve partnered with one of the largest independent financial research firms in the country, Stansberry Research. And I’m going to show you exactly what I’m doing, and why it could make you $1,000s a month.

In short, what you’re about to see is one of the biggest financial secrets in America.

It requires no meetings in Silicon Valley… no phone calls… no e-mails.

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter what your age or education – or how much money you have. You can use this secret from your kitchen table in about 15 minutes a week.

I’ve probably tried as many investment strategies as anyone else in the world… and this is far and away the best approach I’ve come across.

Let me give you the full story…

A new way of investing

First off, it’s important you know the difference between conventional investing… and what I mean by “venture investing.”

With venture investing, I focus on breakthroughs… the kind of big ideas and trends that can reshape society.

Take smartphones, for example… one of the biggest trends of the past decade.

Suppose you’d wanted to invest. If you’re like most people, you’d have bought the stock of a smartphone maker like Apple (AAPL)…

Not a bad idea. Apple is up 564% since it released the iPhone in 2007.

But now consider this… Suppose you’d invested in a startup like Xiaomi instead. It’s a private company modeled after Apple.

Most people have never heard of Xiaomi…

But if you’d gotten in at the beginning, the value of your stake would be up 3,080% by now… over 5 TIMES more money.

Or take another example – social media…

The most common way of investing in this trend was to buy shares of Facebook when the stock first appeared in 2012…

Not a bad idea. Facebook is up 135%.

But suppose you’d taken an early stake in Pinterest instead. It’s a social media startup that’s been growing in popularity…

By now, your stake would be up 740%.

And the incredible thing is, there are dozens of profitable startups in sectors across the market, like…

  • online music…
  • payment processing…
  • police enforcement…
  • digital storage…
  • mobile headsets…
  • you name it…

Bottom-line: Venture investing – done the right way – could make you multiple times more money than buying conventional stocks… on almost every breakthrough trend…

That’s why the venture market has exploded recently.

Venture investing has increased by 61% in just one recent year… drawing money from college endowments… foundations… and even pension funds. In some sectors, this is the biggest inflow of cash in 15 years.

In fact, according to a 2015 study – the top 20 financial deals each year are now almost completely private… whereas in years past, IPOs dominated.

But here’s the problem…

Without the right approach, most people will never make money on new ventures – including you. And that’s for one reason…

In short, for most people –– there’s simply no way of knowing which startups will take off and be successful.

Not to mention – you normally have to be wealthy or have an inside connection just to simply get in before mainstream investors.

And that’s why I’ve uncovered a secret no other person in America, as far as I know, has ever shared in public before.

5,900% return on StumbleUpon

Consider David L., for example – a guy in Los Angeles.

Years ago – he heard about a new online search engine called StumbleUpon, founded by a couple of smart grad students.

David invested in the startup… beginning with as little as $25,000.

At a glance, David isn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to be a successful venture capitalist. He’s a sports fan who spends much of his free time watching basketball.

But StumbleUpon took off… showing early-stage investors like David a 5,900% return, one of the greatest investments of his life.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about this. I’ve never met David.

But then I heard another story – about a guy named Chris S.

Chris lives in Truckee, California… a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Again, not exactly what you’d expect of a successful venture capitalist.

But Chris made a $25,000 investment in Twitter… back when the social media giant was small, private, and almost completely unknown.

Altogether, he made a 1,500% return… over 14 times his money.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about this, either.

But here’s the thing:

It turns out that BOTH of these guys made their investments around the same time as Ron Conway.

Why does that catch my attention?

Because I happen to know Ron Conway is one of the best investors in the world. And I personally have an inside track on where he invests.

If you’ve never heard of him, Ron Conway has been ranked on the Forbes list of Top 10 dealmakers in technology… one of the best and wealthiest venture capitalists of all-time.

And that’s when I got an idea one of the biggest insights of my career, which has had a massive impact on my wealth.

900% return on Bitly

Take Bitly, for example…

If you’re active online – you might have heard about this startup. It offers a free service that allows you to “shorten” website links.

For example, it takes a link like:

20 Things I’ve Learned From Larry Page

…and shrinks it to:

At a glance – it’s like any other startup.

But here’s the thing… Some years ago, I discovered that Ron Conway was interested. He wanted to buy in.

Who is Ron Conway, exactly?

Like I said, Ron is a venture capital legend. ABC News has called him the “Godfather of Silicon Valley.” He’s been an early investor in many of the top ventures of all-time, in companies like…

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • PayPal
  • Reddit
  • Foursquare
  • Ask Jeeves
  • ZocDoc
  • Digg
  • Buzz Feed

So how I did react?

Simple. I followed Ron into the deal.

And since 2009 – the value of bitly has gone up by 900% since I invested… and the service gets used about 600 million times a day.

But here’s the thing…

I was among just a handful of early investors to get in. It was literally almost impossible for ordinary Americans to buy a stake.

So why am I telling you this story?

Because it led me to a huge discovery… a secret for finding opportunities like this all the time. And even better, it’s not a question of “who you know”… or even how much money you have…

Let me explain…

6,000% return on Buddy Media

Take Buddy Media, for example…

It’s a social media startup. It allows businesses to interact with their customers using an online interface.

Back in 2007 – I got a phone call. It was a friend of mine – who happened to be the CEO of Buddy Media.

At the time, it was unclear if Buddy Media would be a success… But he asked me if I’d be willing to buy a stake.

“Who else is investing?” I asked.

“Peter Thiel.”

Peter Thiel – if you don’t know – was an early investor in Facebook… an investment that made Thiel over $600 million.

I immediately said yes.

Since then, I’ve made 6,000% on Buddy Media, which is enough to turn every $5,000 into $300,000.

At a glance, you might think I just “got lucky” again.

But here’s the thing: This sort of thing happens to me over and over again in my life… all because of a very simple secret I’ve developed.

And it works in both the private and the public markets – no matter what the economy is doing.

I repeat: No matter what the economy is doing, this secret can help you make a fortune. Even now – in the wake of the recent stock market crash – this secret is more important than ever.

And for the first time in five years I’ve decided to write about it in public.

2,900% return on Ticketfly

Take Ticketfly, for example…

It’s a company like Ticketmaster, offering tickets for music venues.

Back in 2009, I got a phone call.

It was a venture capital friend of mine – asking if I’d be interested in buying a stake in Ticketfly. “Who else is investing?” I asked.

He mentioned the name of a Silicon Valley firm that has bought into some of the best startups of the past decade.

I immediately said yes.

Since then, I’ve made a 2,900% return.

Once again, you might ask: Was I just lucky?

Well, a few months later… I got another phone call. It was the same story. This time, he offered me a stake in a cloud computing firm. I immediately said yes… and since then, I’ve made a 1,200% return.

Are you noticing a pattern here?

In short: In each and every case, I never discovered the opportunity on my own. It always came to me from someone else.

And here’s the thing…

In every single case – there was always someone smarter than me involved in the deal… someone with a proven record of making multiple times their money on startups across the market…

How I changed my life

So I did something unusual. I sat down and made a list of the top venture capitalists in America… people like:

  • Peter Thiel… who founded PayPal
  • Ted Leonsis… former president of AOL
  • Mark Cuban… star of the hit TV show Shark Tank

And dozens of business leaders, like:

  • Tony Robbins… former advisor to Bill Clinton
  • Jim Cramer… host of TV’s most popular investment show, Mad Money
  • Arianna Huffington… founder of Huffington Post

Then, I did something you might find hard to believe… but it’s absolutely true. I went out and had conversations with every single one of them.


Often, I just picked up the phone.

It wasn’t easy. But since I began – I’ve managed to make a connection with every major hedge fund manager in New York and every major venture capital firm on both the East Coast and in Silicon Valley.

That might not sound like a big deal to you… but frankly, I don’t know of anyone else in America who has established the types of connections I have.

But I admit… I’ve had an unfair advantage.

You see – in 2006 I made a name for myself by starting my own company and selling it to for $10 million. It got me written up in dozens of the most widely read business blogs in America.

In fact, I wrote two books that landed on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. And one book was named a “must-read” by Forbes.

All of a sudden I had a lot of friends.

But I quickly realized something important: It’s not enough to make money by simply knowing the right people.

You have to know which opportunities will take off.

For example, a friend of mine who’d worked at CS First Boston once offered me a chance to invest in “Oingo”… a struggling startup…

Foolishly, I said no.

Soon after – they were acquired by Google, and Oingo launched “AdSense.” If I’d invested $10,000, it would likely be worth about $30 million by now.

The bottom-line is this: I’ve spent the past decade interviewing, learning from, working with, and trying to understand the secrets of the most successful and interesting people in the world. Especially those starting the most exciting new businesses.

I’ve met NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino… and the former CEO of Twitter. In fact, he wrote the foreward to my best-selling book. I’ve spoken with astronaut Clayton Anderson…and Shark Tank star (and infomercial inventor) Kevin Harrington.

And what I’ve learned is this:

Wealthy people often own little-known, valuable assets, while the middle class and poor simply rely on salaries… 401(k)s… mutual funds… and ordinary stocks that get written up in the mainstream news.

But more importantly… I’ve discovered a way to see exactly which assets (or companies) could make you multiple times more money than the kinds that ordinary investors would go for… and how to buy in BEFORE the masses, beginning with very little money.

For me, it all began with the stock market…

Biggest break of my career

One morning back in 2002 – I got an email from a man I’d never expected to hear from…

Victor Niederhoffer.

If you’ve never heard of him, Niederhoffer is a multimillionaire once ranked as being the world’s #1 hedge fund manager… “the father of statistical arbitrage.”

He found out about a software model I had built to identify trading patterns in the market…and was impressed.

So he offered to seed my first hedge fund.

Over the next 15 months – I ran my own $33 million hedge fund… managing Niederhoffer’s and other’s money with an approach I’d developed entirely on my own.

In fact, this led me beyond software to something entirely different… a strategy I used in 2008, as the market was crashing, to recommend some of the best stocks of the decade…

For example, take a look at the gains as of August 2015…

  • I recommended Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), which went up 879%.
  • Cynosure (CYNO), which went up 339%
  • Indexx Labs (IDXX), up 332%.
  • ResMed (RMD), up 233%.
  • Goldman Sachs (GS), up 154%… and dozens more.

As you can imagine, working for Niederhoffer was a nerve-wracking experience.

I had no formal education in finance… I had never worked at a bank… and if I failed, I’d likely never work in finance again.

But in just over a year, I handed Niederhoffer a 121% total gain on his money.

And that’s when it hit me.

I’d found something truly powerful. A secret.

Tripled my money at lunch

Over the following years (2004 to 2007), I made a lot of money as an investor.

At least $1 million a year, on average.

For example, I once bought a stock around noon using my approach… then went out to lunch. When I came back, I’d tripled my money.

I began sharing little bits and pieces of my idea in public – writing for… ForbesUSA Today…and the Wall Street Journal. I used to go on CNBC every Friday night and every Tuesday afternoon.

And gradually, others began applying my approach too… with results I couldn’t believe.

For example, one night I was approached by a total stranger.

At the time – I lived in downtown Manhattan… in a building across from the New York Stock Exchange. I was exercising in the gym when a man I’d never seen before came up to me and shook my hand.

“You made me 300% in the market last week,” he said.

It turns out he’d read about my approach in the Financial Times and had applied it to one particular company… and had made a lot of money, overnight.

My phone began ringing off the hook…

Over the following months, I met almost every major hedge fund manager in New York. We had lunch or dinner at five-star restaurants… and my “rolodex” of contacts got even bigger…

For example, I met the guy who heads up Google’s experimental laboratory (GoogleX).

I talked with Marcus Lemonis… the CEO of Camping World and star of the hit CNBC show, The Profit.

In other words: In under a decade – I went from being an ordinary guy who developed websites for a living… to being “in the room” with some of the best investment minds in the country.

And that’s when I made a huge discovery about the financial world, something I believe could have a dramatic impact on your finances… no matter who you are, who you know, or what your situation…

I realized that to truly maximize the potential of what I’d discovered, it wasn’t enough to publish my ideas…

The next step was to run a completely new type of hedge fund…

The top 1% of ideas

So I called up all the wealthiest people I knew…

CEOs… venture capitalists… entrepreneurs… programmers… TV producers… you name it. All were multimillionaires. Some were billionaires.

I told them I was launching my own hedge fund.

But not just any fund. Instead – I set out to create something entirely different… which you may have never heard of before.

In short, I created a “fund of funds.”

The idea was simple: I’d tap my list of contacts in the hedge fund industry… see what they were buying… and then apply my personal secret to invest in only the top 1% of their best ideas.

In other words, I’d get into the best deals with the smartest investors, as I’d been doing on my own for years, but on a mass scale.

You see – hedge funds are the ultimate source of the best investment ideas in America at any given moment.

For example, consider TrovaGene (TROV)…

It’s a small healthcare firm in the field of non-invasive diagnosis.

On August 14, 2014 I appeared on Stansberry Radio and publicly predicted this little stock would soon take off.

Sure enough, it’s shot up as much as 288% since then… and I rode it all the way. In fact, I think it could easily double from here.

But how did I know the stock would take off?

Because I’d tapped my network of contacts and learned that one of America’s top hedge fund managers had funded TrovaGene… the kind of information you might never hear about in mainstream news…

So I followed him into the deal.

In fact, I’ve followed this same guy into five different stocks over the years, and in each case I’ve gotten out with about a 500% to 600% gain.

You see – the amount of brainpower and capital that pours into the hedge fund world is astonishing.

Take Renaissance, for example…

It’s a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund that’s almost never had a single losing quarter in over 15 years. In fact, in 10 years one of its funds showed a 2,478% cumulative return… enough to turn every $5,000 of your money into $123,900.

At one point, one third of its employees held PhDs – in mathematics… physics… statistics… computer science… astrophysics…linguistics… you name it. They hire code-breakers… professors… engineers… the best minds in the world.

Just imagine if you had access to everything hedge funds like this are buying… and knew which of their ideas could deliver the biggest return…

It sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what I set out to do with my “fund of funds.” And the results were even better than I’d hoped…

1,100% on Inhibitex

For example, consider Peter Thiel, one of my most important contacts…

He’s one of the top hedge fund managers I know, ranked #293 on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

I asked Peter which area of the stock market I should look at.

“James, look at biotech,” he told me. “It’s the hardest to value… which means when the market goes up, biotech can move explosively upward.”

It was great advice … but I already knew this. Hedge funds that were pitching their ideas had been talking about it for years.

For example, one fund told me about Inhibitex… a small biotech firm.

I’m not a biotech expert… but in this case, I noticed one of my hedge fund contacts was buying in with a large position…

I immediately applied my approach… and the stock met my due diligence. So I followed him into the company – and watch what happened next…

I about tripled my money – and the stock rose from $2 to $24 a share… a 1,100% gain.

In other words: I use an approach that allows me to tap my list of contacts in the hedge fund world… see what they’re buying… then apply my own personal secret to see which of their investments has the highest potential.

If the opportunity meets my own due diligence, I get in.

And by hearing about it straight from a trusted source, I often get into opportunities that most people never hear about.

For example, the same hedge fund showed me another biotech firm that was poised to jump.

Here too, I discovered the stock through my approach: I tapped my list of contacts… saw what they were buying… and then analyzed their ideas for the top 1% – which turned out to be ContraVir Pharmaceuticals (CTRV).

So far, I’ve almost quadrupled my money.

Even works in a weak economy

This approach even works during a weak economy…

For example, consider October 2008.

The market was plummeting – down 35% in three weeks – and reports on the economy were getting worse by the day…

But the following month – on November 13th, 2008, I published a book with a list of my top favorite stocks at the time. In fact, I’d written the book literally MONTHS before the crash even began…

I sent a copy to Jim Cramer – who loved it and wrote a review calling it “a fantastic read for any investor.”

Well… guess what happened?

The market had already crashed by over 50%… the worst of my lifetime.

But by buying and holding the “forever” stocks I recommended, watch what would have happened to your money over the following 7.5 years…

As of August 2015:

Universal Electronics is up 225% since I recommended it.

Disney is up 440%.

Iridex (IRIX) is up 733%.

Tiffany (TIF) is up 283%.

Hershey (HSY) is up 164%.

Luxxotica (LUX) is up 294%.

Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) is up 344%.

And Cigna Corp. is up an incredible 786%.

And the list goes on…

  • 252% gain on Altria (MO)
  • 186% gain on American States Water (AWR)
  • 885% gain on Apple (AAPL)
  • 390% gain on Autoliv (ALV)
  • 172% gain on Barnes Group (B)
  • 344% gain on Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)
  • 786% gain on Cigna (CI)
  • 172% gain on Copart (CPRT)
  • 116% gain on Corrections Group of America (CXW)
  • 339% gain on Cynosure (CYNO)
  • 440% gain on Disney (DIS)
  • 120% gain on Eli Lilly (LLY)
  • 299% gain on Equifax (EFX)
  • 154% gain on Goldman Sachs (GS)
  • 307% gain on Google (GOOG)
  • 220% gain on Grainger (GWW)
  • 870% gain on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)
  • 491% gain on Herbalife (HLF)
  • 164% gain on Hershey (HSY)
  • 332% gain on Indexx Labs (IDXX)
  • 733% gain on Iridex (IRIX)
  • 199% gain on iRobot (IRBT)
  • 164% gain on Johnson Controls (JCI)
  • 159% gain on JM Sucker (SJM)
  • 727% gain on Las Vegas Sands (LVS)
  • 294% gain on Luxxotica (LUX)
  • 207% gain on Markel (MKL)
  • 158% gain on Pentair (PNR)
  • 233% gain on ResMed (RMD)
  • 135% gain on Rocky Mountain Chocolate (RMCF)
  • 404% gain on Taser International (TASR)
  • 283% gain on Tiffany (TIF)
  • 225% gain on Universal Electronics (UEIC)
  • 323% gain on Vascular Solutions (VASC)
  • 227% gain on VMWare (VMW)

In other words, I recommended dozens of stocks that could have made you a fortune… following the worst financial crisis of the past 75 years.

In this case – many of the stocks I recommended were household names. But usually, I focus on investments most people never even know exist…

Breakfast with a top VC

For example, I’m friends with one of the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley… a guy so well-known he’s asked me to keep his name anonymous.

Most people would kill for 5 minutes with this guy.

He was an early investor in Twitter and Uber, two of the hottest ventures of the past 10 years. He’s made tens of millions of dollars.

Not long ago, he invited me to his house for breakfast.

I have meetings like this all the time… where I hear about some of the best opportunities in the country… from the smartest people I know.

Altogether, I’ve invested about $600,000 in private ventures. In each one, I’ve always invested with someone smarter than me.

If I sold today, they’d be worth about $8 million… in sectors ranging from restaurants to software to transportation.

And that brings me back to the secret I’ve developed…

In short – I’ve found a “backdoor” way for ANYONE to profit from private ventures… no matter how much money you have, or how much you’re willing to invest. You don’t have to be a private investor at all.

Here’s how it works…

“Backdoor” way to profit

Take GoPro, for example…

It’s one of the biggest stories in the tech world… a company that’s developed a new type of camera that lets you take “live action shots.”

Until recently, it was a private company. It hadn’t IPO’d – which meant it was off limits to everyone but venture capitalists and well-connected and accredited investors (people worth $1 million or more).

But here’s what you may not realize…

For almost every major venture, there’s a “backdoor” way to take advantage of the exact same idea using the ordinary stock market.

It’s like getting a private stake… BEFORE the company goes mainstream. And I don’t just mean a rinky-dink 5% or 10% gain. When I find a “backdoor” stock that meets my criteria, the gains can be huge.

  • Like the 404% gain I saw on Taser International (TASR)
  • The 307% gain I saw on Google (GOOG)
  • The 323% gain I saw on Vascular Solutions (VASC)… and dozens more.

The benefits of investing this way are huge…

  1. You could make money a lot faster… unlike traditional venture investing, where it often takes 3 to 5 years to see a big exit.
  2. If you get in early enough, you could often double your money, safely, no matter what happens to the economy or the broad market…

In this case of GoPro, back in August 2014 I found a “backdoor” way to profit.

Normally, you would need at least $25,000 to buy a stake in GoPro if you were a venture capitalist or an accredited investor.

But I found a “backdoor” investment for just $29 a share.

Watch what happened next…

Today, it’s at $124 a share… a 327% gain.

In other words: You could have more than tripled your money on one of the top venture ideas in the industry – no matter what your background… without setting foot in Silicon Valley… or putting a single penny in the venture capital world.

And I find these opportunities all the time, by simply tapping my network of contacts in the hedge fund and venture capital world…

…and choosing the top 1% of their best ideas.

Here’s another example…

1,164% gain using the“backdoor”

Consider Lufax…

Chances are, you’ve never heard of this startup.

It’s a financial services company based in Shanghai… which has created a unique online interface to allow “personal lending” among 7 million people in China.

A private investment at the beginning would now be up 1,870%… enough to make you 19 times your money.

But if you’re like most people, you never got a chance to buy in.

Well… it doesn’t matter.

Because personally – I discovered a “backdoor” way to play this exact same idea (financial lending) in the ordinary stock market back in 2008… which I got wind of through one of my hedge fund contacts.

Normally, you would need at least $25,000 to buy a stake in Lufax if you were a venture capitalist or an accredited investor.

But I found a “backdoor” investment for just one dollar!

Watch what happened next…

It shot up to $18 a share… a 1,164% gain.

In other words: You could have made 12 times your money on one of the hottest Silicon Valley trends, no matter what your background… without setting foot in Silicon Valley… or putting a single penny in the venture capital world.

Here’s another example…

370% gain in less than a year

Consider Oncore… a biotech startup developing a drug for Hepatitis B.

The drug has such promise, the firm was recently acquired for $150 million… without even entering clinical trials with the FDA.

Imagine if you’d been part of the small group of people who bought private stakes in this startup before that happened. You’d have made a killing.

But the fact is – that doesn’t matter.

Because personally – I discovered a “backdoor” way to play this exact same idea (a Hepatitis B drug) in the ordinary stock market back in 2014.

And I was so excited, I shared it…

In fact – on December 29th, 2014… I e-mailed one of the senior partners at Stansberry Research about the stock…

Within 36 days, the stock shot up 135%.

Altogether, you’d have almost tripled your money by now if you’d gotten in when I shared it last year.

Normally, you would need about $25,000 to buy a stake in Oncore if you were a venture capitalist or an accredited investor.

But the “backdoor” investment I found was just $2.10 a share!

And as always, I found this investment by simply tapping my network of contacts in the hedge fund and venture capital world…

For example – the same guy who told me about this “backdoor” Hepatitis B play told me about Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SYNG).

I immediately wrote about the stock on Yahoo Finance. The stock shot up from $4 to $8 a share… enough to double your money.

I reject 99 out of 100

These “backdoor” investments are extremely rare.

In fact – for every 100 startups… I come across an average of just 1 “backdoor” way to play the same trend in the ordinary stock market.

But if you can spot these investments, the potential is huge… Take a look at some of the most lucrative opportunities I’ve come across…

Not to mention, I only ever consider the top 1% of all the best ideas I hear about.

That means I literally “throw away” dozens of good ideas a week, ideas most Wall Street bankers would pay a fortune to hear about…

You see – over the years I’ve met almost every major hedge fund manager in America, and become friends with a lot of them. The benefits I reap from these relationships are enormous…

When you’ve got a multi-billion-dollar fund manager on “speed dial” – you hear about ideas and opportunities most investors can’t even touch.

  • For example, I was once invited to join the Board of a company I had no previous involvement with. I put in $0… and made half a million
  • In 2006, I was contacted by a prop-trading firm who staked me $15 million to trade with my approach…
  • I once put $50,000 into a single investment I heard about and my firm walked away with $3 million

Bottom-line: My network is my most valuable asset… and has allowed me to create and refine an investment secret that could make you or anyone else who knows about it tens of thousands of dollars in the months to come.

You see – I’ve shared my secret with a lot of folks over the years… from all walks of life… with results I’m very proud of. Like a wealthy friend of mine who tells me he’s now made over $1 million with my ideas.

With gains like that, I’ve opened a lot of doors…

For example, I know the editors in chief at almost every major publication (including the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times)… and dozens of TV producers at places like CNBC… MSNBC… and Fox.

I know a hedge fund manager who’s listed in Forbes as among the top 20 richest people in the U.S. And dozens of bestselling authors… CEOs… and entrepreneurs.

I work really hard to nurture and build this network of contacts, because it’s how I hear about the best ideas.

  • For example, when I want to hear about arbitrage, I know where to find the investments of guy who’s personally made $1 billion doing arbitrage at his hedge fund…
  • When I want to hear about biotech, I go to a guy who once made 10,000% on a single biotech stock…

This guy has helped create drugs at multi-billion dollar drug companies that have sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth. This includes buying companies so he owns the right technologies, raising money, getting through the FDA process, and creating hundreds of millions in value for shareholders.

  • When I want to hear about tech or venture… I go to guys who have built their own multi-million-dollar Silicon Valley startups from scratch…

Altogether I’ve studied over 1,000 hedge funds… personally invested in 15 hedge funds… and I once set up a Family Office for a wealthy investor friend of mine, by analyzing 200 hedge funds.

What it comes down to is this: I don’t know of any better way of making money than the approach I’ve developed over the past 20 years.

But as I said before, it’s more than just “who you know.”

It’s a very particular secret I’ve developed – a way of analyzing the biggest trends in the world of hedge funds and venture capital… to spot which investments have the highest chance of taking off…

Sharing my top ideas

Most people have no idea these “backdoor” investments into the hedge fund and venture capital world even exist…

And personally, I don’t think that’s fair.

I wasn’t born wealthy… and I’ve had plenty of times in life when I had zero in the bank and no idea how to get started.

That’s why in recent years, after making all the money I need, I closed down my former hedge fund… and have begun sharing my ideas and thoughts in a completely new way… with folks around the world who are sick of hearing about ordinary stocks, mutual funds and 401(k)s… and are ready for something new.

To begin with, I’ve written a Research Report that will give you an overview on how my approach works… and how to begin using it yourself, starting tomorrow, with just a few minutes’ effort at your kitchen table.

It’s called: Trade Like a Hedge Fund.

If you’re interested, I’d be happy to let you access my report free of charge, in the next several minutes… to look it over yourself.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The “backdoor” secret to venture capital investing… using public companies available in the stock market.
  • How to make 5 to 10 times your money on the biggest trends in America, without touching Silicon Valley or making a single private investment
  • How to spot the biggest trends BEFORE the masses
  • Plus, my three favorite hedge fund strategies, including one strategy I often use to buy stocks for pennies… then sell them a few hours later for $1 or $2 a share.

Again, feel free to look at my report… and see exactly what I do.

But please, keep in mind: To take full advantage of my approach – it’s critical you have access to a constant stream of the newest ideas in the market… the biggest stories… the least-known trends from Wall Street and Silicon Valley…

…which for most people is impossible.

The truth is – most “popular” financial ideas are recycled from places like USA Today, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal… which (as someone who’s written for all those pubs), I can tell you are often worthless.

Having said that, here’s the good news…

For most of my career, I’ve made a point of sharing my best ideas and recommendations with other people… often total strangers…

  • For example, a Stansberry Research analyst I’ve never met, Ben M., heard me on the radio last year and learned about a “backdoor” way to invest in a biotech startup. He was up 150% on his initial stake as of early summer.
  • And a woman named Michele told me she “made out good” after buying a stock I recommended that went up 1,100%.

You see, part of the reason I’ve developed such a big network of contacts is because I’m not selfish when it comes to sharing great ideas. In fact, sharing ideas is what motivates me and gets me more excited than anything else.

I’ve given away literally thousands of ideas in my life for nothing.

Most people think I’m crazy when I explain how I do this. But it’s exactly how I maintain such a valuable network.

In fact – I often type up my best ideas in an e-mail… and send them off to total strangers I’ve never met before. That’s how I met Jim Cramer, for example… and my former hedge fund boss, Victor Niederhoffer.

You’d be amazed how many people I’ve met this way…

Here’s just a sample of the contacts I’ve made:

  • Adam Grant (Wharton School of Business professor)
  • A.J. Jacobs (New York Times bestselling author)
  • Brian Koppleman (Hollywood filmmaker)
  • Chris Hadfield (NASA astronaut)
  • Dan Ariely (professor, 4.8 million views on TED Talk)
  • Dan Harris (co-host, ABC News’ Good Morning America)
  • Dan Marino (retired NFL quarterback)
  • Daniel Roth (LinkedIn executive editor)
  • Dave Berg (Jay Leno’s Tonight Show former co-producer)
  • Dave McClure (500 Startups founder)
  • Dick Yuengling (president of oldest U.S. brewery)
  • Gabrielle Bernstein (New York Times bestselling author)
  • Dr. Geoffrey Miller (evolutionary psychologist)
  • Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul originator)
  • Kevin Kelly (Wired magazine co-founder)
  • Matthew Berry (ESPN analyst)
  • Mitch Lowe (Netflix co-founder)
  • Nassim Taleb (on Bloomberg’s 50 Most Influential People in Finance)
  • Paul Oyer (Stanford School of Business professor)
  • Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist)
  • Stephen Dubner (Freakonomics bestselling co-author)
  • Timothy Ferriss (Wall Street Journal bestselling author)
  • Ylon Schwartz (World Series of Poker finalist)

If you’d like, I’ll add you to my e-mail contact list right now.

First time ever

Why would I do this?

Well – life as a hedge fund manager was exhausting… and not at all how I wanted to spend my life. I worked 12 to 16 hour days… spent hours talking to my clients on the phone… and pulled all-nighters on research.

The stress was unbelievable.

That’s why some years ago, I decided to retire from that life… and spend my time doing what I love – teaching and writing.

But I kept in touch with my contacts in the financial world. And in 2012 – I was invited to join a debate on Yahoo Finance, where I met Porter Stansberry, founder of America’s largest independent investment research firm.

Porter loved my approach to investing…

“You should be doing this full-time,” he told me.

I told Porter I was retired from an active career in finance and only used my investment ideas for myself and a few friends.

But gradually, I realized Porter was right.

How could I retire? I love the investment world too much. And frankly, I love sharing my ideas… whether it’s on TV, radio or via e-mail…

That’s why I’m doing something for the first time ever right now…

In short – I’ve decided to publish my best investment ideas and recommendations and distribute them by e-mail… to anyone who’s interested, no matter what your experience, wealth or background.

I call it Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory.

Every month –– I’ll share an investment opportunity I find by tapping my network of contacts and choosing the top 1% of their best ideas.

And I’ll send you the full details by e-mail, including how I discovered the idea and the easiest way for you to buy in yourself.

I’ll look for breakthrough trading ideas in the hedge fund and venture capital world that could make you multiple times your money… and share them with you in a new research service unlike anything else I’m aware of.

Right now, for example, I’m considering a “backdoor” way to play a tech story in Silicon Valley… a microcap hedge fund strategy… a biotech company I heard about from one of my CEO friends… and dozens of other ideas…

But I’ll only ever recommend the top 1% of what crosses my desk.

I refuse to buy or recommend any investment unless I know someone in the hedge fund world who’s bought in and I’ve analyzed it myself – to determine whether or not the idea could return at least 100% to 500%.

These are the types of opportunities I’ve been profiting from for the past 2 decades. It’s the approach I use with all my personal money.

And I’ll show you exactly how to play each opportunity… every single month… with the same secret I’ve used at multi-million-dollar hedge funds.

By using this simple approach, I haven’t worked a regular job in 25 years. You see, aside from my career as a writer, all I do is take advantage of the best financial ideas I hear about…from my network of hedge fund managers in New York and venture capital firms on the East Coast and in Silicon Valley.

But before I go on…

Keep in mind:

There’s something you should keep in mind.

In short: The ideas and opportunities I’ll be recommending in the Top 1% Advisory won’t be right for everyone.

That’s because I’ll only look for the biggest and newest ideas… which some folks might find a bit too risky or “over the top.”

For example, I might recommend a 3-D printer that prints houses… a biotech firm that grows new organs… a super-robot company… There’s no telling what I’ll find.

Along the way, I’ll make outrageous predictions… like the time I appeared on CNBC Fast Money on July 25, 2007 and predicted that Facebook – (which was still private at a $1 billion value) would one day be a $100 billion company.

“You’re not serious, are you?” the anchor asked me on CNBC.

Well, five years later… Facebook went public at $104 billion.

But here’s the thing…

What I’ve discovered after meeting thousands of investors over the years is that many folks can’t stomach these kinds of “new ideas” and macro predictions.

They can’t execute the discipline needed to buy at a great price, or they can’t grasp the fact that you’ll inevitably have a few ideas that don’t work out when you’re investing in this arena.

You need to be open to new ideas… you need to be disciplined… and you need to accept the fact that not every idea is going to work out, if you hope to make a lot of money with my approach.

The fact is, I get hundreds of e-mails a week from folks who find me online and want my advice. I’ve had 20 million visits to my blog since I launched it and 10 million downloads of my radio podcasts.

And what I’ve learned is that when it comes to putting your money into the kind of trends that can reshape society, most people simply aren’t cut out for it.

They’d rather play it safe and invest in massive Blue Chips like Microsoft and Apple.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But if that sounds like you, my work probably isn’t the best fit for what you need.

Like I said, some ideas might not pan out…

But small losses are part of the game. And they’ll be more than offset by the potential 500% to 1,000% gain (or higher) you could make by getting into a truly big idea BEFORE the masses… and watching it take off. It’s happened to me hundreds of times in my life and I know I’ll continue to find these opportunities year after year.

Every great investor knows this. The secret to making big money in breakthrough ideas and trends is to have an “iron stomach.”

If you can’t handle volatile stocks… or investing in big ideas that nobody’s heard of yet… please set this aside.

Otherwise, get ready for the most exciting investment ideas in the market… which I’ll be choosing from my network of contacts in the hedge fund and venture capital world every single month.

And don’t worry: This isn’t “day trading.”

You won’t need to sit at your computer all day to follow my recommendations.

In general, I’ll look to close each trade within about 3 to 6 months. In some cases – we’ll hold longer, to get the biggest possible gain from a trending story or idea. In a few cases, we might even hold for several years as a big new trend plays out.

Right now, for example – I’m about to recommend a “backdoor” investment into one of the biggest search engine stories in Silicon Valley right now.

I expect to hold about 3 months. And I expect you could double your money if you get in soon, while the ink is still wet on a major new deal it just completed with a company that serves over 10 million people.

Bottom-line: I love investing in big ideas. And the Top 1% Advisory is the only place I’ll be sharing my top trading ideas… for the first time in my career.

Better than a hedge fund

But by now, of course, you’re probably wondering: How much does it cost to receive the Top 1% Advisory?

Well… it’s not cheap.

I’m charging a higher-than-usual price… for two reasons.

The first is, in the hedge fund and venture capital world, typically only an “accredited” investor can get in… someone who’s worth at least $1 million or has made an income of at least $200,000 for the past 2 years.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think that’s fair… and I think it’s crazy the government tries to “protect” smaller investors by essentially forbidding them from getting into the most lucrative opportunities. Wall Street and Silicon Valley loves this policy, because it ensures THEY get to reserve the biggest gains for themselves.

My point is, I think anyone should have a chance to hear about the kind of publicly traded opportunities I’ll be sharing each month – no matter what your net worth.

But on the other hand, I don’t want to attract complete “amateurs”… or folks who simply can’t afford to speculate on small stocks…

The Top 1% Advisory is meant for serious-minded investors who will recognize the value of the ideas I’ll be sharing each month and won’t be afraid of putting money into new ideas or important new trends…

The second reason I’m charging a higher price is, I’ll be using the exact same approach I applied at my former hedge fund. And as you probably know… hedge funds aren’t cheap. This type of research is time and labor intensive.

For example, I’ve already hired a CPA and spent 20 years establishing an invaluable network of experts, which means I can provide information you simply won’t find in the mainstream news.

Still, what I’m charging is a bargain in the whole scheme of things. I used to charge my former hedge fund clients a 2% management fee and 20% of the profits.

That means if you’d invested $50,000 into my hedge fund back in 2003 – when I made an average gain of 121% in a year – you’d have paid $6,550 in fees.

And even that’s nothing compared to the “2 and 20” fee most hedge funds charge, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Having said that… here’s the good news.

I’m not charging anywhere near that amount.

The goal of my research is to give you many of the same advantages you’d receive from the hedge fund and venture capital world… but with none of the outrageous fees.

The reality is, I think my Top 1% Advisory offers a lot more than a hedge fund. For one thing, I’ll be sharing ideas with full liquidity.

That means you can trade in and out of these investments anytime you want – unlike in a hedge fund… which can lock up your money for months at a time.

Plus – I’ll tell you exactly how I found the idea… unlike hedge funds, which often hide their best strategies from the public.

One full year of Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory costs $2,500.

Frankly, this research is worth ten times that amount. It’s taken me literally two decades and tens of thousands of hours to build up my network and perfect my investment secret. To do this on your own, it would easily cost you several million dollars and many years of your time.

Not to mention, the ideas I’ll be sharing will have extreme potential.

Consider: even a small $1,000 stake in just one investment I shared (Inhibitex) would have paid for 4 years of my research.

In fact, almost every time I hear about a hot new idea or trend from my network, it often takes off by 200% to 500% gains or more…

  • Like the time I recommended Las Vegas Sands (LVS), which is up 727% as of last month.
  • Herbalife (HLF), up 491%
  • Autoliv (ALV), up 390%
  • Cynosure (CYNO), up 339%… and dozens more.

Bottom-line: I’ve built up a network of contacts most people only read about in Fortune magazine or the Wall Street Journal. I have dinners, meetings and phone conversations with these men and women all the time.

And in the Top 1% Advisory, I’ll be sharing the top 1% of the best ideas I uncover with you… every single month… for literally a tiny fraction of what it would cost you to join a hedge fund or take a stake in private opportunities reserved for accredited venture capitalists.

What you’ll receive

As a new member of Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory – you’ll receive a new recommendation from me once a month via e-mail… with full details on what I’m recommending, how I heard about it, and how much I expect you could make.

Like every idea I recommend, you’ll have the potential to see a 100% gain or better…

Just take a look at how some of my past picks are performing as of last month…

  • 252% gain on Altria (MO)
  • 186% gain on American States Water (AWR)
  • 885% gain on Apple (AAPL)
  • 390% gain on Autoliv (ALV)
  • 172% gain on Barnes Group (B)
  • 344% gain on Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)
  • 786% gain on Cigna (CI)
  • 172% gain on Copart (CPRT)
  • 116% gain on Corrections Group of America (CXW)
  • 339% gain on Cynosure (CYNO)
  • 440% gain on Disney (DIS)
  • 120% gain on Eli Lilly (LLY)
  • 299% gain on Equifax (EFX)
  • 154% gain on Goldman Sachs (GS)
  • 307% gain on Google (GOOG)
  • 220% gain on Grainger (GWW)
  • 870% gain on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)
  • 491% gain on Herbalife (HLF)
  • 164% gain on Hershey (HSY)
  • 332% gain on Indexx Labs (IDXX)
  • 733% gain on Iridex (IRIX)
  • 199% gain on iRobot (IRBT)
  • 164% gain on Johnson Controls (JCI)
  • 159% gain on JM Sucker (SJM)
  • 727% gain on Las Vegas Sands (LVS)
  • 294% gain on Luxxotica (LUX)
  • 207% gain on Markel (MKL)
  • 158% gain on Pentair (PNR)
  • 233% gain on ResMed (RMD)
  • 135% gain on Rocky Mountain Chocolate (RMCF)
  • 404% gain on Taser International (TASR)
  • 283% gain on Tiffany (TIF)
  • 225% gain on Universal Electronics (UEIC)
  • 323% gain on Vascular Solutions (VASC)
  • 272% gain on VMWare (VMW)

In the next few minutes – you’ll receive a password to my private website, where you’ll have full access to my research report:

  • Trade Like a Hedge Fund

This report will give you an overview on how my approach works… how I developed it… and my favorite hedge fund strategies. For example, you’ll learn about “special situation stocks” I trade that often go up 300% in a single morning.

Throughout the month, I’ll be in touch with you via e-mail to tell you of any important updates… and when to close each new position.

For example – one gentleman (with $5 million in investable assets) sent me a thank-you note after getting into a stock I found, which shot up as high as 1,164%.

And Bodhi R. writes: “I am grateful you are letting us get closer to the amazing resources and experts you have access to. The information is fantastic.”

I even got an e-mail from a hedge fund manager who’s been profiled by The New Yorker and works with one of the most successful billionaire investors in America, thanking me for the money he’d made on a stock I’d recommended.

But more importantly, I believe in giving you the full value I’ve promised today. So I’m giving all charter members the strongest guarantee I can offer:

In short: You can try my Top 1% Advisory RISK-FREE for the next sixty (60) days to have a look at what I’m doing.

You’ll receive a welcome kit in the mail.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, no problem. Simply send your kit back to me at my expense (I’ll pay for all the shipping)… and you’ll receive a full refund. Every penny.

Bottom-line: I’ve made a fortune using the same investing ideas as some of the biggest hedge fund and venture capitalists… from my kitchen table… with an approach I’m confident could have a huge impact on your own situation, beginning immediately.

To secure your spot, click the “Subscribe Now” link below.


James Altucher



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