James Fitzgerald – Optimum Performance Training

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James Fitzgerald – Optimum Performance Training

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James Fitzgerald is considered one of the best personal trainers in the world.  His program, Optimum Performance Training, uses the most advanced techniques to get the most out of his clients in the least amount of time.  James has competed in the Crossfit games and runs one of the most successful gyms in the nation.  His coaching modules are used by top experts to help their clients with lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness pursuits.

Whether you want to be an elite athlete or stay fit in a few minutes per week – you’ll want to know more about James Fitzgerald.

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What We Cover

  1. The unique, science based approach of Optimum Performance Training.
  2. The differences between OPT and other fitness programs.
  3. Why there is no such thing as a “One size fit’s all” program.
  4. The role of variety in training.
  5. The secret to prevent injuries.
  6. The role of recovery workouts (they’re not useless).
  7. Why testing is needed to make sure you’re progressing.
  8. Whether or not it’s possible to gain lean mass while training for an endurance event.
  9. How to control excess cortisol and prevent overtraining.
  10. What to expect from an OPT life coaching module.
  11. The principles you need to follow to design your own fitness program.
  12. What James is doing to prepare for an 800 meter foot race after years of weight training.
  13. The importance of mindset and how it affects for progress.

Links From The Show

OPT Experience (official site)

Optimum Performance Training Blog (Previous Blog with workouts, motivation, advice, etc)


Food & Supplements

Natural Calm Magnesium

Potassium Citrate

Pink Himalayan Salt



Kerrygold Grass-Fed Butter

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) 

Probiotic Ultra Blend

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

Vitamin C

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

NOW Food’s Super Enzymes with Betaine HCL & Lipaise




Heart Math emWave 2

Books & Movies

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (a documentary about the dangers of artificial sweeteners)

Underground Wellness interview with a woman who developed MS from drinking Diet Coke.

The 4-Hour Body

The Better Baby Book


Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco


Listener Q & A

  1. How long does it take to notice the effects of the Bulletproof Diet?
  2. What are some techniques to lower your blood pressure?
  3. Should you stop working out when it hurts?
  4. Should you worry about your omega-9 fatty acids?
  5. Why is sucralose (splenda) bad?
  6. Why is Aspartame bad?
  7. Is raw fermented cheese healthy?
  8. Are pork rinds Bulletproof?
  9. Can you make Bulletproof Coffee with coconut oil?
  10. How do you block mercury when eating fish?

Biohacker Report (latest studies & research)

Are Genes Our Destiny? Scientists Discover ‘Hidden’ Code in DNA Evolves More Rapidly Than Genetic Code

Hedging Your Bets: How the Brain Makes Decisions Based On Related Information

More Than a Sign of Sleepiness, Yawning May Cool the Brain




We are now offering personalized Bulletproof Coaching for fat loss, muscle gain, performance, health, and mental ability.  Contact us for more info.

Blog Articles

We released articles on why even the most resolute dieters fail, and what Dr. Mercola didn’t tell you about chocolate and cardiovascular disease.

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Listener Questions


I am an air traffic controller in Vancouver,BC. I work a lot by choice and often feel fatigued when I get home after work. How can I tell if I am on the right track to bio hacking? Does it happen quickly or take a while to feel the effects?

Also, we went to 4 Barrel in San Francisco and had the best cup of coffee ever. We are going to roast our own now from Burman Coffee in Wisconsin.


I was wondering if you guys can talk about lowering blood pressure in one of your podcasts. I know a lot of people have this problem and they would greatly benefit from you it.


I’ve been running for a while now, and have recently discovered your blog.  I see you recommend high intensity training instead of easier workouts.  My theory has always been that if your workout hurts – you’re pushing too hard.  Also, aren’t you worried that the high intensity will result in more injuries?


1. We hear about the 3s and the 6s all the time and what the ratio should be, but where does omega-9 fit into this equation?

2. Why the hate on sucralose (Splenda)? It’s the most natural tasting artificial sweetener, and I’ve seen no reliable science that would make me not want to use it. There are animal studies which use ridiculous amounts to obtain adverse effects and then there are some correlation studies, which frankly doesn’t prove a whole lot.  I’m not convinced, as almost anything given at those levels would be toxic, like sodium. If I recall, we’re talking the equivalent of 10,000 packets per day.

3. Same with Aspartame really.  I’ve seen nothing convincing, but I’m prepared to change my mind.

4. I’ve also started buying raw cheese from the same farm. I assume raw cheese is good, as it doesn’t have damaged caseins? Or is there more to the cheese making process that can produce bad proteins?  What about cottage cheese? Is that closer to yogurt? Although yogurt is also made through a fermentation process, so I’m confused.

5. I love pork rinds, particularly with lots of fat on them, and I tell myself that it’s collagen and fat, all good. Am I deluding myself?

6. A couple of times I’ve made bulletproof coffee with virgin coconut oil (a spoonful) and both times I’ve felt nauseous afterwards. A coincidence or could there be a reason?


Dave: How do you “block the mercury from the fish” as you referenced in you May 25th, 2011 at 3:57 pm post? I love sushi, especially tuna. I also like swordfish and sea bass, but I am worried about the mercury.


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