Jordan & AJ Harbinger – Social Capital Networking Intensive

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Jordan & AJ Harbinger – Social Capital Networking Intensive




What if I Told You That You Would Have a Higher Value Social Circle, Massive Opportunities in Your Lap, And a More Epic Life in Just 8 Weeks?

Three Benefits of the High-Value Social Circle You Will Have After Completing this Intensive Program:

1- Having a flawless strategy for approaching new people and a format for directing conversations, so you confidently build ties with people of value… no matter what level of experience you have.
2- Discovering how to position yourself so that people will want to connect with YOU before you even have to approach them.
3- Transforming yourself into a higher-level master at building the social circle of your choosing while having influence and respect as a person of massive value.

Social Capital Networking Intensive

– It’s an easy-to-follow, 8-unit Intensive delivered over ten weeks.
– The Intensive is an online program that is accessible anywhere.
– It includes 32 training sessions and bi-weekly exclusive question-and-answer audio sessions.
– Each session includes video and audio training, as well as workbooks to ensure that all aspects of the Intensive are covered, helping you master these epic systems.
– Training materials are easy, simple downloads.

No Experience Required.
We’ll transform you into a more Incredible Person of Value.

Module #1 – Social Capital Strategy
Module #2 – The Four Essential Mindsets
Module #3 – How to Meet People
Module #4 – Creating a Network Strategy
Module #5 – How To Care For and Maintain Your Network
Module #6 – How To Fix Networking Pitfalls
Module #7 – How to Make High-Profile Friends
Module #8 – How to Get a World-Class Mentor


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