Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective – Love

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Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective – Love
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Kimberley Wenya - The Manifestation Collective - Love

Kimberley Wenya – The Manifestation Collective – Love

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Start date: September 8th 2018

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The first 10 babes to sign up receive a BONUS 30 min 1-1 coaching call!

TMC Classic Includes:

· 6 x Digital Course Modules of Manifestation Magic

· Access to the high vibe TMC FB group

· FB Live Q&A to answer your questions!

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Bonuses for TMC love:

· 6 x Weekly Live Video Group Coaching Calls

· Access to past TMC live Q&A videos

Your Instructor

Kimberley Wenya

Kimberley is a manifestation and spiritual mindset coach who bridges the gap between the woo woo and modern millennial gal, creating a brand all about modern gal spirituality.

She is the host of The Kimberley Wenya Podcast based on modern gal manifestation, helping girls understand The Law of Attraction amongst other laws of the universe.
She owns the blog and brand, Kimberley Wenya, and helps girls manifest the abundant reality they dream of.

Kimberley is most well known for her group coaching program The Manifestation Collective, a 6 week program that helps women quantum shift into the woman they desire to become.
Her monthly membership site, Manifestation Monthly, helps girls to transform their mindset to create an abundant lifestyle all round in love, relationships, career, money.

Over the last 6 months, Kimberley has built her brand and business to 5 figure months and onwards whilst studying full time to successfully launch group coaching programs, deliver ebooks and coach 1-1 women ranging from early twenties, even up to early 40s (which as a 23 year old is a big deal!)

She is currently writing a book and is an up and coming thought leader in the industry of mindset and spirituality.


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