Maria Andros – Video Conversion Formula

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Maria Andros – Video Conversion Formula
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Maria Andros – Video Conversion Formula

Maria Andros – Video Conversion Formula

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Finally, One of the Most Successful Video Marketers Gives All Her Secret Strategies Away…

Who Else Wants To Cash In On The Power Of Online Video To Quickly Increase Profits, Get More Traffic, And New Customers To Your Website

Discover How To Create, Shoot, and Publish Your Own High-Converting Video Content: Attract Highly Targeted Traffic, Explode Your List with Subscribers, and Convert Your Viewers into Followers, Fans, and Loyal Lifetime Customers…

Hi it’s Maria Andros and welcome!

Today’s the day where you make a decision if my Video Conversion Formula training and mentoring program is right for you.

It’s almost 2011 and I know I don’t need to “SELL” you on the power of using video to market your business online. I have a feeling that you’re already smart enough and intuitive enough to see where the future of internet marketing – and where ALL marketing is heading… and you RECOGNIZE this opportunity as the golden ticket we’ve been given to create results in our businesses.

That’s why I’m not going to insult your intelligence with a lot of hype or play with your emotions to try to convince you. That’s not my style anyways.

On this simple, straightforward web page, we’re going to cover two things. First I’m going to show you what the Video Conversion Formula Training and Coaching Program is, and what you’ll gain access to as an elite member. Second, I’m going to tell you who VCF is for, and who it’s NOT for, just so everything’s transparent and all out in the open.

Now WHY do I think the VCF is unlike anything anyone has ever taught before? The Formula is about rapidly developing yourself into a high-value, premium price brand in your niche using the persuasive power of video.

I’m going to show you how to start building your email list with video and how to attract more traffic that converts into new customers. And they aren’t just customers, but followers, fans and friends.

But before I get in depth and explain exactly what I mean by that…

There’s something you need to know about me first. The truth is, I used to be pretty embarrassed that I had such fast success with video. Yeah, it’s weird, right? But the thing was I saw all these leaders in the field who had so much more experience and have been at this for so long. I didn’t feel like I had paid my dues. But you know what I learned? THERE ARE NO DUES TO PAY.

Why I Can Teach You Video Marketing (My Story):

Just 3 and a half years ago, I was living in rainy Vancouver, Canada, working a boring 9 to 5 as a make-up artist, earning a modest $50,000 a year. I know that’s a little above average, but I hated having to trade my time for money, and not truly adding value to anyone’s life.

By following the Formula, in a year and a half, I was earning a 6 figure income; I had quit my job, packed up my life and moved to sunny Los Angeles, California.

I’ve read that over 70% of internet marketers have been in IM for 3 years and earn less than $1000 a month! That’s when I first realized that my Formula was a massive shortcut!

Next, I used the Formula to create my very first product launch. This was a PREMIUM priced course at $2497, and I sold out the seats TWICE. Almost half a million dollars in sales in less than four months! All because of the conversion power of the Video Conversion Formula.

That’s the reason why I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer, and watch so many people with real gifts, and talent, continue to struggle with video. So now, just a little over a year later, I decided it was TIME to come back and teach the next generation of clients my rapid video success secrets.

The rewards are so much greater and potentially life changing when you realize the more you practice making videos the better and stronger you become. It’s inevitable, there’s no way you can’t get better when you follow a proven and time tested formula. And when you SHARE those videos with people, they can SEE you get better and better. They are proof of your experience and expertise.

I’m going to show you things that most likely no one has ever had the experience and knowledge to show you about video. So the first thing you need to have confidence in, is my proven track record of success with video and to understand the importance of being mentored by someone who has already walked the path and who’s now coming back to teach exactly how they did it.

And You DON’T Need Movie Star Good Looks, or a Radio-Perfect Speaking Voice to Be Successful with Video… You REALLY CAN Succeed By Simply Being Yourself!

At the time I’m writing this, I’ve received OVER 1000+ COMMENTS on the free videos I released just a couple of weeks ago. And even though 99% of them were positive…I also have seen some of the negative, LIMITING things people are saying.

Some folks are afraid that you need to have a Hollywood face and body to succeed with video. They think you have to speak like a TV News Anchor and have perfect poise.

If we were talking about a Hollywood film or a popular television show, then YES, those things might matter… but the INTERNET is DIFFERENT. Online, people want to connect with other, REAL PEOPLE. And the Formula reveals how to be authentic and confident enough on camera to show people how much value you can offer them.

They know that you can sympathize with their problems and that you offer real solutions BECAUSE you’re not a perfect-looking model in an expensive wardrobe. You’re real, just like they are. And it doesn’t matter what you look like or sound like or even how old you are…

The Formula WORKS. It worked for me, and it’s working RIGHT NOW for the clients I’ve taught it to. As far as I know, we don’t have ANY supermodels (though they’re all LOVELY people.) J We have all ages, sizes, sexes and levels of expertise… Not only will the formula work for you, but rest assured, as your teacher, I can deliver everything you need to put it to work in your business.

Video is like having your own Show and you get to do it YOUR way. Look at my training series, I did the exact OPPOSITE of what the “guru’s” in their videos and I spoke from my heart. Guess what? It worked; I had people wanting to join my coaching program before they even knew what it was. Your success with video is not determined by how you look. Think of Oprah, she’s the richest woman on the planet and she had all the odds against her. Is she perfect on camera no, is she skinny no, does she look like everyone else no. She became a success because she had the GUTS to just go out and do it. Your success with video is about speaking from your heart, knowing you have something to say and that what you say makes a difference.

What Is the “Video Conversion Formula”?

Module 1 “Customer Channel”

We’re going to begin the Video Conversion Formula at the #1 place where your focus should be. The Customer. That’s the one person who decides if we succeed or fail. My approach is a little different than what you’ve seen before.

Many courses that teach internet marketing will SAY that the customer is key, but they’ll begin with traffic, list-building, content-creation… those topics just sound sexier… and they ARE and we WILL cover them.

But the Video Conversion Formula is about RAPID development of your video conversion skills, and that means doing things in the right order. And in the formula, the customer comes FIRST.

That’s because conversion is about giving people what they want. And that’s why most marketers say that Content is King. But if Content is King, CONNECTION is Queen, and in this module, I’m going to reveal all my secrets for targeting your content to your perfectly matched prospects.

That’s so you can quickly find your ideal customers and create a deep, powerful connection with them. These are the BEST kind of people to build your list with because they like you for YOU and they will buy what you promote and endorse over and over again.

In the Customer Channel, we identify them, attract them, and get them excited to watch what we create for them in our videos. Here’s just a taste of what’s inside:

  • Evaluating Your Niche – This is where we take the whole mass of people out on the web and start drilling down until we have a perfectly defined narrow niche so you can deliver a message directly to your most profitable prospect…
    •Video Marketing “Psychology 101” – This is where we use science and subtlety get inside the mind and worldview of your target prospect and learn what makes him or her tick and move them to take action…
    •Creating Your Customer Archetype – Here we’re going to profile your prospect so we know exactly who is most likely to convert. We’re talking demographics and details, so when you talk on your videos you know exactly who you’re talking to….
    •Uncovering Your Customer’s Trigger Points – If we want your viewers to pull the trigger on your offers, you need these key factors that push their buttons and compel them to act – click here, subscribe now, add to cart. Your wish is their command.
    •Speaking Your Customers’ Language – Success hinges on understanding the right words to woo your prospects with. I don’t just mean slang – this is about the language of wants, fears and desires and you’ll learn how to capture them right on screen…
    •Video Squeeze Page scripts Part 1 and 2– The squeeze is all about the tease! And when you deliver on your squeeze page promise, and exceed expectations, they know you give more than you take. You prove their money will be well spent when they buy from you in time!
    •Attracting Your “Video Tribe” –We’re going to find the “tribal markers” your audience uses and form your own video tribe inside your niche. When they see your other customers are just like them, they will want to join you and trust you as the leader of your tribe…

Module 2 “Video Production Channel”

In this module, we focus on refining the quality we put into our videos through production and editing. This is about what we can do both before you film AND after you film your videos.

This channel is where you’ll find out how to pick the right equipment and software that YOU need to deliver your specific message to your specific market. And we will go deep enough to cover ALL the basics, but we will go way beyond that, too.

Imagine how your videos will measure up against ANY competitor when you can create that professional “Hollywood” look for yourself, while THEY have to spend tens of thousands on a videographer to get the same result.

But even at the basic level, you will have all the tools you need to make your videos look good – and the sky is the limit here. I’ll show you how to make them just right, so they are easy to create AND fun to watch.

  • Video Cameras & Equipment 101 – If you pick your gear without advice it’s easy to spend WAY too much or get WAY too few features… Find out the “must haves” and the “don’t needs” for video marketing productions, so you don’t waste money or time.
    •Setting Up Your Video Studio – This is where my experience is a massive benefit to you – I’ve played with so many setups and taken over whole rooms of my house to create a place to shoot that had all I need. Save the hassle and let me show you mine.
    •Video Indoor Lighting Solutions – Video is showing and not telling. But if you shoot indoors without light, you can’t show them anything in the dark! Pro lighting is pricy, but I’ll show you how to scare off the shadows and shine a light on your indoor shoots.
    •Simple script Writing System – In this training video, you’ll learn my simple script writing system that will help train in the dojo to build up your belt level as you work up to becoming a Video Black Belt. You’ll learn formulas to create various styles of videos that speak to your target market and when used correctly can catapult your online business to the next level.
    •Teleprompter Shortcut Techniques – Think I memorize these lines in my videos? I’m flattered – but I use the same thing that politicians and newscasters use – a teleprompter! Learn to use one without looking. Like. You. Are. Reading. Off. A. Screen.
    •Easy Video Editing & Effects – Most video editors will come with fancy effects you can use to spice up your video. The problem is that without knowing the language of video, you can come off looking like an amateur. Learn to use effects to ADD, not subtract.
    •Screen Capture Video Editing – PowerPoint has its place, and here is where I show you the RIGHT way to do screen capture. Whether it’s a slide-show or a true full-motion on-screen tutorial, you’ll know what software is needed AND how to use it.
    •Ready for the Web Rendering – Video production geeks need hundreds of audio/video/resolution/outputs… even as the “video marketing queen” I don’t bother with 99% of them. I show you the simple settings that get the best results every time.

Module 3 “Content Channel”

By this module you will have all the exact tools to create your video squeeze page you can begin to build your email list with. We’ll even cover the formula for creating your high converting opt-in video for your website. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Like we were saying before, Connection is Queen, but let’s not forget that Content is still King. You need BOTH for powerful conversions. If you’ve struggled before to come up with compelling content, you’ll actually be amazed to see how easy it is when you go through the Content Channel.

Here’s why it will be super easy for you to create compelling content: now that we know your ideal customer… We can actually activate their desire and curiosity at will AND make them feel comfortable and safe with you. This makes it natural for them to check out your offers and recommendations even without a second thought.

So now it’s time to reward their curiosity and actually give them what they came for in the first place. Premium content. But the secret of content is not just in the “main ingredients” that everyone includes in their content.

It’s about the subtle seasonings and spices that you can add to the recipe that can subconsciously make your videos WAY more delicious than any of the competition.

It’s all about matching their TASTE – you don’t want to give them hot dogs when they are expecting caviar. And if they’re ready for a 5 course meal, you don’t want to give them a skimpy appetizer.

But since we’ve spent the time in the customer channel, we’re now perfectly positioned to serve them exactly what they’re most hungry for. These are my recipes for creating killer converting content that will multiply your profits.

  • Filming Your Lifestyle Video – As we create our video series, we want to create a window that shows the prospect their own future of success and doing cool things – so show them the life they want…
    •MindMapping Your Video – A good video gives your prospect all the directions they need to follow you… but make sure they can actually follow your breadcrumbs from freeline to purchase; you need to map it out ahead of time…
    •Creating Your Freeline Content – Create powerful videos designed to be shared and spread virally, totally free for your prospects – but also designed to make them think “Wow, if this is what they give me for FREE, their premium stuff must be AMAZING!”
    •PowerPoint Video Magic – In this training video, I’m going to show you the best ways to create PowerPoint videos that keep your prospects engaged. You’ll learn simple yet effective effects that make a big difference in the overall quality of your content and presentation. Your customers will thank you for it.
    •Fast Video Interview Formula – Interviews are instantly engaging and entertaining content. And when you use this formula, not only do you get an automatically enjoyable video, but you get instant positioning as an expert with connections…
    •Video Testimonial framework – We can’t let your prospects love for your content be silent! Word of mouth is the most persuasive kind of marketing, so we mobilize your happiest viewers by capturing the praises they sing on video and helping them spread.
    •Creating Your Website Video – In this training video, we’ll create a structure for you to create your intro videos for your website. We’ll take your customers secret language and we’ll create a video based around tangible benefits and solutions. You have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression, so why not give your prospects what they’re looking for.
    •Video Copywriting 101 – Passive videos don’t convert. The difference with scriptwriting for video marketing is that while you want to leave them satisfied, you ALSO want to leave them hungry for more because that’s how you create videos that cause ACTION…

Module 4 “Character Channel”

Now we move forward to the Character Channel. ONLY after you do the work to figure out your customer identity, their needs, and their desires… Only THEN is it time to work on the character you will portray on video. You will be playing yourself in a way, but in this module, I’ll show you how to accentuate your character to reflect your audience’s values and preferences and deeply resonate with them.

We’ll be designing your own unique video style, because knowing your ideal customer is only HALF of the equation, when it comes to video. In this module you’ll know exactly how to create connection and connection equals cash flow.

There’s a balance between having your viewers feel like you get them and understand them, while at the same time viewing you as an expert.

When you implement this strategy, you become the bridge that connects them to the content they need to solve their problems. And it’s vitally important that you master this so they see you not as a pushy salesperson, but as a trusted advisor and a reliable provider of premium, USEFUL information.

Every video you create and share is going to act as branding for you and your business. When you create your character just right, that branding creates a snowball effect. See, when they watch you in one video after the other, they aren’t just viewers anymore – they transform into followers and FANS.

  • Creating Your “Video Brand” – You want to turn your target prospects’ heads and get their full and undivided attention. The trick is to know what they’re looking at already and know how to make you stand out from that crowd…
    •Launching Your “Intro Video” – Every video you make is a branding opportunity. This little trick will give your videos a signature that lets people instantly know your videos when they see them. They get conditioned to think “I like this show!”
    •Creating Your Super Hero Story – there’s no more compelling story than the journey of the reluctant hero. They want to know that you’ve braved the odds and taken the risk for them, so you can come back and save their day with your super-expertise…
    •Designing Your “Video Series” – Speaking of shows, marketers know multiple messages CONVERT. That’s why we’ll create a content series and make a “channel” so whenever your viewers want more great stuff; they know they can tune in to you…
    •Building Rapid Rapport & Trust – As we interact more and more with people through our video work, we have a chance to share details we have in common and show them the qualities we have like trustworthiness, over-delivery and passion to help them…
    •Customizing Your YouTube Channel – Speaking of channels, you can utilize the most popular and powerful video sharing network on earth for free. But there’s no user manual for using YouTube to build your personal brand – until now…
    •Your Facebook Video Fan Page – But what if your viewers want to go beyond being a follower and they want to connect deeper. Heck yeah! We give them the opportunity to even become your FANS and FRIENDS on Facebook and to share your videos with their friends to get you in front of more people…
    •Choosing Your Theme Music – want to set the tone? We’re conditioned by movies and TV to have emotional response to the combination of video and music together, and you can use that same compelling magic yourself…

Module 5 “Traffic & List Building Channel”

Many other teachers out there might say to START with traffic, what are you supposed to DO with traffic when you don’t connect with people through your videos? Remember? I told you that if you want to do this right, you CAN get bigger results FASTER than anyone else, but you CANNOT skip steps. It’s Wax on Wax Off

When you trust in the formula and follow it to the letter, you know who your prospect is, and what they want – you know what matters to them.

So when you get traffic, they see EXACTLY what they’ve been looking for and they can’t subscribe to your list FAST ENOUGH.

This gives you a MASSIVE advantage over the million marketers who are scrambling for traffic to send to mediocre content that leaves their potential prospects disappointed. That’s when you arrive on the scene with your visionary videos, and they are the breath of fresh air they’ve been longing for.

Imagine when every one of your videos acts as branding for you and your message, where you start the conversion process on your prospect from the very SECOND they watch your first video. Wouldn’t you want people to FIND those videos and send them massive traffic?

This Channel is all about how to do exactly that. Connect your super converting videos together into a traffic and list building machine, and put them in the right places where they will get traffic, provide SEO benefits, and spread your brand all over the web.

  • Video Keyword Research – Did you know that the people who are searching for video solutions to their problems use a different set of words than your average web surfer? It’s true, but when you speak their language, that view counter will go up and up and up.
    •Video SEO Formula – Just like with any piece of web content, video isn’t automatically optimized to get rankings and search traffic. You have to play with a few bits and pieces to get it right and I show you exactly how.
    •Optimizing Your YouTube Videos – the biggest video site in the universe WILL be a part of your traffic plan, and here is how to cater your content to get YouTube to work for YOU. Even though it’s a special effort, the results justify this extra effort.
    •Video Distribution & Traffic Technique – In this training video, we’ll look at how to distribute your videos all across the web, to get you more traffic and views. I’ll show you the sites and software that I use, and recommend to take one video, and publish it instantly to DOZENS of video sharing and social media sites, saving you HOURS worth of your time.
    •Video Backlink Building – None of your videos are “throwaway” content like some backlink getting text content is. Videos get links back to your money site, but each video will get links too! And since each video builds your brand, the more links the better.
    •Video Outsourcing – Even though video is highly personal and requires YOUR input to create and produce, a LOT of the traffic getting aspects CAN be outsourced safely. This lets you do spend your time doing what you do BEST – creating more video content.
    •Video Spit Testing – Once you’ve got a massive video network bringing in consistent traffic, you can begin to refine, tweak and improve each and every incoming channel for MAXIMUM conversion rates across the board.
    •Video Analytics & Conversion Software – In this training video, we’re moving into advanced video black belt territory. You’re going to discover secret strategies to refine, tweak, track and test all your videos. We’ll cover the latest software recommendations, to gather all your analytics needs for your video sales funnel from start to finish.

…….  Total 8 Modules


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