Mark Hoverson – Leadership Branding For Direct Response

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Mark Hoverson – Leadership Branding For Direct Response
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Mark Hoverson – Leadership Branding For Direct Response

Mark Hoverson – Leadership Branding For Direct Response

Price: $299

By Mike Klingler (Since there is no written description of the program)

Mark Hoverson’s approach to marketing and sales might feel new to some people in our Renegade Professional community.

Raise your hand if you were a cross of emotions between completely in awe, amazed and impressed, with a twinge of “ooh, you are so full of yourself, and I know what you’re doing” combined with “but you know what Mark, you’re spot-on?”

Weird huh?

Yeah, he touched a lot of different parts of our brain.

Most gurus and guru-wanna-bees and everyone in-between teaching “how to sell online” are still in an older model that relies on frigid cold traffic from something like SEO or Adwords.

I’m not saying to NOT properly SEO your content, you should. I’m also NOT saying Adwords is bad (trust me, it’s good).

But the thing is… customers (buyers) are now using the web differently, and therefore we are experiencing a different relationship with those who sell information and ultimately make a purchase.

We still have to use effective selling techniques, right?.

Just holding hands and singing around the campfire doesn’t magically make sales leap into our shopping carts.

This is where Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding for Direct Response project can immediately help you make more sales while branding yourself as a leader (even if you’re new).

Old concept perhaps, but new approach. This is something fresh.

And let’s face it, with most skill sets of this sort, people learn more by modeling than they do by going back and figuring out the underlying philosophical principle.

Unless you missed something along the way, Mark Hoverson has already delivered the principle through his free content. He will deliver the modeling and “in-the-field experience” once Leadership Branding for Direct Response gets underway.

If you have studied Mark Hoverson throughout this launch sequence, what elements did you not see?

I’ll tell you what I noticed (and this is something to take note of):

–No yellow highlighter confusing marathon sales page. There was no sales page at all (only an orders form).

–No classic high-hype, squeeze page promising you into thinking you’re the one that can do what’s never been done. (There was a very simple opt-in form to receive Mark’s pre-training videos).

The point is that Mark Hoverson took a more thoughtful approach which worked much better in this “product launch” context; in this new area of “selling online.”

Again, even if you don’t purchase this product, it’s worth paying attention to, and studying repeatedly.

The last significant point I want to mention is that Mark Hoverson never assumed (as some internet marketers I’ve seen have) that the buyer (thus, me) is lazy, stupid, hates work, has no creativity, and in general is probably too dumb to work at Walmart, and therefore needs a “push button” solution.

That stuff may have worked in 2006 or 07, but not in this new entrepreneurial era.
I gathered all of these things simply by making observations, and I hope you did too. Because if you did, I think for those of you who were sitting on the fence with mixed emotions could justify the purchase of Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding for Direct Response project with logic.

That, or clearly see that Mark is delivering a product that can positively affect what we all really want – to make more money (not necessarily for the material, but for the opportunity to leave a legacy).

It’s been said that content’s value has never been lower, but content’s importance has never been higher; that if content is King, then marketing is the Queen, (and She runs the household).

Let those thoughts hang in your mind for a moment before you continue reading.
Read them once more.

To my knowledge, he’s the first person who ever got both Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard to email their humongous lists for the same product offering (of course there was this guy Mike Klingler who greased those wheels orchestrating this colossal industry shaking project).

And once people entered the marketing funnel, Mark Hoverson’s content, aka “The Goodie Page,” logged in over 8,000 hours of video watched. Plus a marathon of live webinars with Ann Sieg and an exclusive interview with Mike Dillard (not to mention the MP3 “Insider Talk About Launch” we recorded together).

That’s an excellent example of content being King, but marketing being Queen. Can’t have one without the other.

So this being the review of Mark Hoverson’s Leaderhip Branding for Direct Response that it is, I should get down to the meat of what is being offered for this project.
Here is a breakdown of the nitty gritty details:

First of all, the goal of the project is to build you, build your brand, and integrate that with direct response marketing. You will come to be familiar with this formula: (You + Branding) + Marketing = Success.

What you will learn is “leadership branding,” which is a new term I haven’t heard before, and has been coined by Mark himself.

Leadership branding simply means you’re branding yourself as a leader even if you’re brand new while weaving in direct response into all aspects of your business, which by design, will move you leaps and bounds forward as an online direct response marketer.
Condescendingly, learning this stuff will give you a reason to be on Twitter all day (although at first you probably won’t want to be).

Video is the name of the game, and as a member of this project you’ll learn the psychology of selling through video.

The course starts this February 23, and will last for seven consecutive weeks culminating at a Live Event in Las Vegas on April 15, 16 and 17.

Here is the weekly breakdown:

  1. Legacy Minded Leadership. Inside look at the legacy you desire to create long term and how that will dictate how much “game” you bring to your business.
  2. Understanding “Buyer’s Rush” and the Applied Psychology of “Buyer’s Resistance.” How to turn the resistance into the rush. Learning to tap into the psychology of the deepest pleasures of the human mind, such as creating a “buyers buzz.”
  3. How to Implement “Buyer’s Rush.” Not just philosophical ideas, but tactical and immediate strategies to apply immediately.
  4. How to Weave Direct Response into Every Piece of Content.
  5. How to Attract Professionals with Money.
  6. Magical Secrets of List Leverage.
  7. How to implement “Expert Edge” (or Starve) – you’ll learn that the definition of “expert” is someone who gets paid money for what they do, which is tightly related to craft. In this course you’re learning the craft of direct response to become an expert, and therefore, get paid.


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