Michael Gerber – Reinventing Small Business in America

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Michael Gerber – Reinventing Small Business in America


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8 DVD Set In Reinventing Your Small Business in America, world-renowned business consultant Michael Gerber share the secrets that will help you transform your business into an accelerated money machine.

This program will teach you to simplify your role as a business owner while actually increasing your company’s profits.

Reinvent your business and your life! Michael Gerber shares secrets that will help you reinvent your business, turn it into an accelerated money machine that runs itself, and take back your life so you can enjoy your new prosperity.

In this eight-video series, you’ll learn more about the real reason some businesses fail while others succeed, how to overcome the biggest obstacle to growing your small business, the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when starting a business, how to keep your business running smoothly in your absence, and much much more!

Disc 1 – The Foundation of Reinventing Your Small Business
Disc 2 – Principles Of Growing Your Business
Disc 3 – The System Is The Solution
Disc 4 – Creating New Systems for Opportunity
Disc 5 – Taking Charge of Your People and Your Business
Disc 6 – How to Design an Effective Marketing Strategy
Disc 7 – Developing Personal Power
Disc 8 – Bringing It All Together


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