Rich Jerk Program 2015

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Rich Jerk Program 2015

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Exactly 10 years ago, a crazy character burst onto the internet marketing scene and shook up the entire industry. The Rich Jerk system turned out to be enormously successful for its users when it was first launched and now it has made a comeback with more powerful and effective ways to make its users rich. Despite his obnoxious personality, and his odd approach, this crazy character’s methods for making money online were actually brilliant, and got rave reviews.

Rich Jerk Review

Rich Jerk is an affiliate marketing and online marketing training program which has just been recently re-launched after 7 years. The program is divided into four parts, each part contains detailed analysis of methods on how to shine in user’s affiliate marketing and online marketing business. The first part hinges on the most profit-making and simplest to implement ninja SEO strategy ever shared which contains no hacks and no loopholes. The Rich Jerk program shows users how to find keywords within niches that sell. It discusses the basic techniques in front of users which includes how to discover and generate revenues from niches and how to find profit-making keywords for such niches.

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This part is an approach to building affiliate website that can make users make a good amount of cash online. It helps novices create profitable sites that rank very well within the search engine result pages. The generation of traffic to the sites through search results ensures that internet marketers do not have to devote long periods of time driving traffic to their money site. This part also shows how to find keywords within niches that sell. It takes less than 20 minutes to get started and is split into easy step by step instructions that almost anyone and everyone can understand.

Moreover, this part of Rich Jerk teaches people an outside the box approach which has netted 7 figures and worked for over 2 years, up to and including present day. In addition, the second part teaches users to travel along as a reclusive $400,000 per month Facebook earner and marketing genius spills his guts with profit-making case studies.

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All users are required to do is copy the guy who had been giving all this training. This part discusses the basic techniques in front of users which includes how to discover and generate revenues from niches, how to find profit-making keywords for such niches and how to find out the correct range of products for that niche market.

How To Make 6 Figures Without An Email List or Any Past Experience

In the third part of Rich Jerk program, Launch Jacker divulges exactly how to make 7 figures without an email list. Case studies show the biased and uncalled-for advantage in action, resulting in a top 5 finish for multiple product launches for guys like Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy and Brendon Burchard. Users get live training webinars, weekly this trainer would be live on a webinar, meaning users can get all their questions, queries and concerns answered to.

Lastly, the fourth part is the bonus section which is made up of guest appearances by a number of people including underground rockstars and a whole lot of big names. In this part of the program, these people divulge secluded veiled golden nuggets that have not been shared elsewhere for less than $10,000. Additionally, this part includes e-books, user manuals and overview videos.

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In this section, users will find a whole slew of instructional videos which intricate more about the profit-making techniques taught by its creator. In addition, this part teaches the techniques and methods of getting the task done through outsourcing the work. Different tasks such as site building, article writing and blog installation are swayed in this section. Also, it includes checklists for people to make sure whether or not they are following all the steps correctly.

Outsourcing And Scaling Up Profits

The marketing techniques rendered inside The Rich Jerk are advanced and unless users have requisite knowledge, they are going to find it difficult to make use of any of the information. If users do not have a website already running and making them a whole lotta cash, they may want to delay on this product at the moment. However, if users want to spread out their knowledge for just under $10, this training will definitely outspread their horizons.

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The creator of Rich Jerk holds users hand through the whole passive income making process. Users will make their money just from this upgrade alone. This system contains private webinars with other elite members, this is undoubtedly users chance to get their questions heard and answered. Moreover, it provides additional training which will show users everything they need to know about traffic generation and about outsourcing and scaling up their profits.

This system stations around sales funnel. It renders information about direct linking, opt-in funnel, pre-sell funnel, review page funnel, webinar funnel and sales funnel creation. In the first five parts of the module, users will learn different funnel types and in the last part, they will learn creating a sales funnel from leading tools.

The Rich Jerk program teaches its users all the advanced techniques that work for its creators and allow them to follow so that they could also make the same amount of money or close to that. Furthermore, users will also get useful information on how to use the listings by learning the techniques for email marketing. The program also comes with round the clock customer service for its members.

For consumer protection, only sign up for The Rich Jerk program from its official website which is given below.


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