Richard Bandler – Client Sessions Series

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Richard Bandler – Client Sessions Series
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Richard Bandler – Client Sessions Series

Richard Bandler – Client Sessions Series

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These videos provide an ideal opportunity to watch Richard demonstrate clinical applications of NLP methods in individual client sessions with the st yle and finesse for which he is famous. These tapes offer the newcomer to NLP excellent examples of NLP applications and interventions. The experienced practitioner is offered an unparalleled display of NLP skills and techniques in action.

Richard helps a 40 year old man to overcome his shyness with women. Includes a follow-up interview. This is an excellent demonstration of Richard in action and, as is often the case, highly entertaining as well. (45 minutes)

Richard Bandler demonstrates several hypnotic inductions whilst at the same time demonstrating a skill learning process (skiing); a process for the induction of anaesthesia and rapid healing (nose surgery); weight loss in 2 separate sessions. Follow-up interviews are also included for the anaesthesia and weight loss. This tape is a must for anyone interested in NLP or hypnosis. However don’t be fooled into believing it’s easy having watched this tape through just once. To get the maximum benefit, play it through several times. Then you will pick up all the subtle nuances in Richard’s work. (75 minutes)

Richard works with a 27 year old man called Andy who has had serious difficulties since he was 12. In the sessions Richard begins the process of teaching him how to control his mind. A special feature of this tape is that Richard spends 40 minutes commenting in detail on his work. Without doubt this tapes shows Richard working at his best. In the course of working with Andy in this and the following tape Richard uses just about every possible NLP intervention and some excellent trance work as well. (115 minutes)

This is a continuation to the above videotape. In this session, Richard again uses his fine skills and comments extensively on his work with the client. (116 minutes)


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