Richard Bandler – Memories

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Richard Bandler – Memories
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Richard Bandler – Memories

Richard Bandler – Memories

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Memories is one of the most eagerly anticipated books in the NLP world. It follows on from Conversations where Owen Fitzpatrick sat down with Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, and asked him questions about everything to do with life. In Memories, Richard discusses the origins behind much of NLP and many of the NLP techniques. Both Richard and Owen discuss their most important influences as they take you on a journey from California in the mid sixties to North Korea; the streets of Tehran to the jungles of South America and discuss all sorts of topics… from handling crises to parenting skills, using language in helping people change to spiritual development. Deeply personal like Conversations, perhaps even more so, Memories explores the philosophies of Richard and Owen and how they evolved over time. With photos of both the authors, this hardback, numbered, first edition is a must for anyone interested in NLP.


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