The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 Course Only

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The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 Course Only
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The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 Course Only

The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 Course Only

Price: $150

Introducing The Dropship Blueprint 2.0!

The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 is tested and proven program including training that covers each and every aspect of starting an eCommerce business. Many of the Methods taught within the Dropship Blueprint 2.0 have been tested & proven from over 500+ Students in the original Dropship Blueprint.

Here is Exactly What You Will Get:

1-on-1 Mentorship

Many of the courses on the market relating to Dropshipping and creating an eCom Business have an “on your own” mentality to them.

I Don’t Believe in This.

eCommerce is an art and a great artist starts as an apprentice to a good artist. With this course you will gain full access to contacting me along your journey at any time to ensure your success. You will be personally mentored by a Multi 6 Figure Dropshipper along your way. We WILL NOT stop working together until you are satisfied with your income.

This includes having Michael’s personal line of contact to reach out at any step of the way with ANY question, problem, tip, etc..

50+ Videos of Step-by-Step Training

The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 includes step-by-step videos guiding you through absolutely EVERY aspect of creating and running an eCommerce store. Guiding you through:

  • In depth Winning Product Research Strategies
  • Building and Designing a Professional and High Converting Store
  • Logo Creation
  • Brand building
  • Creating High Converting Product Descriptions
  • Essential Apps needed to fully optimize your store
  • The #1 Advertising Creation Strategy
  • Beginner Facebook Ad Strategies
  • Intermediate Facebook Ad Strategies
  • Advanced and in depth Facebook Ad and Scaling Strategies
  • Outsourcing & Automation
  • Solutions to Growing Pains and Potential Roadblocks

And So Much More…..

The Wifi Money Wolf Pack

“You are the average with 5 people you speak to most.”

All of the Students in The Dropship Blueprint 2.0 are entered into the Wifi Money Wolf Pack Facebook Mastermind Group.

In here you will have full access to a worldwide community of like-minded entrepreneurs on the same mission. This will allow you to have an entire community to help push you to achieving the goals that you set.

Copy/Paste Resources

Your Time is Valuable! & I’m sure you know the math equation

Time = $$$

That is why in the Dropship Blueprint 2.0 Michael has included Copy/Paste Templates for all of the essential pages needed on your site to help save you hours of time that can be better spent and allocated toward Product Research, Advertising Strategies, and Brand Creation.

A Proven Process

People Lie, but Results don’t. The Blueprint is modeled after a proven process that has helped 100’s of Entrepreneurs create profitable eCommerce Business. Below are some of their past results!


Like any Business, Dropshipping & eCommerce is ALWAYS changing.

Michael continuously adds new content, with the latest dropshipping tips, tools and strategies as time goes on!

If Facebook, Google, or any other advertising platform makes any changes that will impact us as business owners, you can expect Michael to release a video on how to react and account for it!


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